Sutliff - Revelation Match
Please-- make it stop!
This, I am told, is a match to Einstein’s favorite blend, and since the great man discovered Relativity, it’s somehow appropriate that this blend be his favorite. Now, we know from Special Relativity that time slows down the closer one gets to the speed of light. In like manner, as I smoked this, time slowed to a crawl as I contemplated how I had managed to find a tobacco that smells like a nun emptied a can of her toilet spray in a truck stop rest room. Still, I toughed it out for until it needed a relight after about a half-hour, only to realize it had only been about 15 seconds and I still needed to tamp it. The phrase “throw up in your mouth “takes on new meaning, especially since the flavor tastes like Old Spice and a rotting peach had a two-headed tobacco love-child named Revelation. Pretty much unsmokable. But I will give one-half star for the fruit cake aftertaste. That said, those who like aromatics that remind them of their wives’ scented bath salts, then this is for you.

Peterson - Balkan Mixture 50g
An excellent Balkan
I’ve only been smoking daily for just under a year, but have found that Oriental-forward mixtures tend to be my preference. With that in mind, Balkan delight is an excellent mixture—gentler than say something like C&D Byzantium and a bit sweeter, but lovely in its notes. Still, it lacks real depth, although that may likely come after a little TLC aging. I don’t have enough of a palette yet to compare to other hard-core Balkans, but I rather liked this enough to buy more and to recommend it.

Cornell & Diehl - Byzantium
My go-to tobacco
Because I lack the sophisticated palate (so far) that others demonstrate, let me say simply this: I like many tobaccos, and I like variety. But when I smoked this for the first time, I KNEW that I had found "my" mixture. It’s as simple as that. The spice so superexceeds aromatics that they lost any hold on me, regardless of time of day. It’s playful in the morning, it’s hardy for after meals, and (generally speaking) gives me a kiss goodnight before I head to bed. It’s not for the coy or bashful, so if you want the general sense of playing keep-up, this is your blend.

CAO - Eileen's Dream 50g
Pleasant (but a caveat)
I have seen Eileen’s Dream for a while now, and after seeing a review on YouTube praising it, it decided to give it a try. The aroma out of the tin is warm and inviting without being punchy as a lot of aromatics are. It was not-quite-moist, easy to pack, and did not need a relight throughout the bowl. The strength was very mild, and the flavor was subtle, with a room note that had a definite Irish Crème smell. All in all, the smoke was very good. One looming caveat to this tasty dish: an aftertaste emerged after about 20 minutes of tobacco, somewhat “chemical-y” that would not go away. It was very hard to get rid of it. Not a deal-breaker, but certainly took away from what was otherwise a very nice smoke.

Dunhill - Aperitif 50g
Good enough to make you slap your mama!
Let me say at the outset that this is my first review, and I’ve only been smoking for a bit less than a year, so I can only use layman’s terms. That said, I about fell out of my chair when this divine smoke hit my palate. A closed-fist punch of love when I didn’t expect it. I’m fairly used to aromatics and the very mild and wanted to move more into Latakia and Oriental flavor; the spice in this blows away any artificial sweetness. The odd note of incense (the high Latin Mass kind, not the Pier 21 kind) left me wanting more. More than that, it made me want to really dive into the deep end of the pool of the Dunhill lines. As soon as possible. So yeah, I’ve gone ahead and ordered more.

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