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Reiner - Blend No. 71 100g
Premium Tobacco
Everything about this tobacco is awesome. The paint can is fantastic. The long flake is gorgeous and perfect moisture right out of the tin. The tin note is beautiful. And the taste is super bready. To me this tastes like toasted rye bread. I don't get a lot of perique, but it's there. In the beginning of the bowl kind of a wallop of burley...which I'm not a fan of...but it quickly fades into the background and becomes this super yeasty, lightly spicy, bready toast virginia. Just a super nice virginia blend, all around classy and classic. Worth the money for sure if you like bready virginias.

Cornell & Diehl - Seersucker 2oz
Unique and Smooth
What a surprise! Seriously this stuff is quite interesting. Unlike anything I've really tasted...maybe a touch like brown bogie without the nictotine hit...but more complex yet more subtle. It's really smooth. You wouldn't think it, but it is. This stuff puts out huge clouds of smoke yet stays cool, dry and bite free. It's rich yet kinda mild. It tastes like a cigar yet it also tastes like pipe tobacco. It's incredibly well balanced, like shockingly so. It's like RIGHT in the middle of the spectrum, not too much bass, not too much spice, not too much anything. Everything is there, but it's all kind of blended together to make one kind of harmonious flavor. Well done C&D I'm impressed. I will say my tin was a year old and was already shimmery with plume when I cut into it. I cut off a nice little slice then I cubed that. Gravity filled a large tall bowled churchwarden and it smoked like a dream. Seriously this stuff smoked perfectly. And this is suppose to be best in 7-10 years? I might have to buy some more and see...

Cornell & Diehl - Captain Bob's Blend
I'm sorry Capt Bob...this is a mess.
I don't understand how this can have so many different types of tobacco and supposedly TONS of flavorings and yet just tastes like generic burley soaked in cheap artificial grape soda.'s a mess. This stuff stinks something fierce. I left a baggie out in the kitchen and the entire place smelled like cheap pop. It's overwhelming. I've never smelled any tobacco this stinky. And the it just lingers in your mouth. This really artificial, cheap grape flavor. Look, I kinda hate burley and I kinda hate grape soda...sooooo maybe this was never for me...if you love burley and cheap grape pop you will ADORE this. Otherwise stay away. Sorry Bob, you do a great job pumping this stuff up on the forums...I just don't get it.

Peter Stokkebye - PS402 Luxury Twist Flake
Easy going smoke
This stuff is super easy going. It's really mild, it's smooth, it burns well right out of the bag. Honestly the beginning of the bowl is fairly unremarkable. But half way down the bowl this really nice sweetness came through that was really quite nice. This stuff is super mild yet still a nice simply tasty smoke that you could reach for at any time. Is there better stuff available? Yes. But for the price it's pretty damn good.

Newminster - No.47 Danish Black
Might as well smoke BCA
This tastes a WHOLE lot like Lane BCA...just not as good. Especially not as good as a mix of 1Q and BCA. This isn't's just not great or better than other cavendishes with the same flavor profile. It has less flavor, the flavor is less pronounced, the aroma/room note isn't as nice, it's not QUITE as smooth, and it has a kind of artificial chemically aftertaste...just stick with Lane, their aromatics/cavendishes are unbeatable, seriously. This just tastes like a mediocre copy of BCA, skip it and get something from Lane instead.

Dunhill - My Mixture 965
Weak Sauce.
This stuff is so...mehhhhh. Seriously. Meh. So much better out there. I am not going to miss Dunhill, their tobaccos are all so...meh. Seriously this has elements of something like Ashton's Artisan Blend...but so much weaker and boring and less sophisticated. All the Dunhills are like this. The virginias always taste like cigarettes, the blends never taste rich and complex, there is something so...middle of the road about them. And this is just...boring. It reminds me of a whisky comparison I just did between Highland Park and Arbeg Uigeadail. The is like the Highland Park, it's got all the same flavors, but they all taste weak and leaving you wanting more where as the Ardbeg is bursting with those same flavors, but it's so much deeper, richer, more flavorful and just way higher quality. Same profile, but in another league completely. Skip this, go get some artisan blend and smoke something good.

Solani - Aged Burley Flake - 656 50g
I hate burley...
But this stuff is AMAZING. Holy moly this stuff is the complete package. Right out of the tin the stuff is straight fire. The flakes LOOK fantastic. It SMELLS rich and awesome. It was a tad moist, yet when folded and stuffed right out of the tin it smoked incredibly well. It doesn't taste like least no burley I've tasted. This stuff tastes how I've always imagined good tobacco is suppose to taste. It's rich, a bit woody, a bit leathery, a touch just tastes old. The aroma of the burning tobacco smells wonderful. Kinda leathery and...cinnamon??? Really really really nice stuff...kinda bums me out that it's so hard to get regularly. Seriously if you like the taste of pure tobacco this HAS to be on your list...or wait...I mean it's terrible...just awful stuff...seriously don't buy it ;)

A&C Petersen - Escudo Navy Deluxe 50g
This is some good stuff. It's as good as everyone says. If I was going to give someone a va/per to try as an example of the style this is what I'd recommend. Rubbed out, let to dry a few mins in a shallower bowl I found it to have a lot of toasty hay and pepper. Folded, pinched and stuffed into a very tall and narrow bowl RIGHT out of the tin, slightly moist, I found the perique tends to be a touch less spicy and the virginia a bit richer. Really well behaved, smokes easily, tastes great, doesn't need drying, and is fantastic with a cup of coffee. High quality great smoke.

Ashton - Artisan's Blend 50g
This is amazing stuff.
I can't even imagine how incredible this must have been when it had syrian latakia in it, it's incredible now and that would have just made it more complex and deep. This stuff is so complex and it changes throughout the bowl. So many layers of flavors coming out at different moments. Sometimes you can get a whiff incense, sometimes I'll put the bowl down and the faint aroma of brick oven thin crust nyc pizza will waft over and shock me...yes it sometimes smells like pizza! This stuff is awesome. This is stuff you need to take slow, respect, think about, have a nice tea with, sip slow and it will reward the pants off you. But don't buy any...I'm sick of it being out of stock :)

G. L. Pease - Stonehenge Flake 2oz
Just not that good.
I was looking forward to this being a Pease lakeland, essence and all. People keep freakin' out about all the old lady perfume. How is it my tin had ZERO. None in the tin note, none in the taste, nothing. I don't think it's suppose to have the essence, I think it's just a flake in the lakeland style and like all GH tobaccos SOMETIMES it gets a little misting just from being in the same room as the other stuff. Mine had nothing and as a flake it felt like an imitation of the real thing. Just kinda boring, too much burley, just bleh. I don't get the hype. There is NOTHING special about this blend, it had the stuff that's bad about lakeland and none of the good. Pass.

Samuel Gawith - Lakeland Dark 50g
If you want strong and dark this is the stuff!
Wow if you want strong and dark this is it! The tin smells incredible, something between rich leather and smoked beef jerky. Very very beefy smelling. When smoking the room smells like a beef jerky factory, not ashy or cigar like like some strong tobacco, but smoky, leathery, beef. The taste is rich, bold, smoky in a smoked meat way not in a peat or latakia way. Most high nic blends tend to irritate my mouth, this stuff is surprisingly smooth for something so strong and bold. I'm honestly super surprised by this stuff. It's super duper strong, you can't smoke a huge bowl of this. And it's not an everyday, all day kind of smoke. But if you are looking for something strong, dark, leathery and beefy, this is the best I've tried.

Dunhill - Royal Yacht 50g
Tastes like a high end cig
So I'm not a cigarette smoker, but I admit there have been times I've enjoyed a cig and a beer or a coffee. To me this tastes how in my mind I think a "good" cigarette would taste. I get no flavors of any topping, nothing even remotely dark, figgy, plum, etc. To me this is all dry hay. Straight forward dry hay and that's it. I've tried it in a few pipes and it wasn't great in a few, but one with a nice deep chamber gave a super dry, smooth, relaxing, smooth smoke. Not what I normally go for, but in the right pipe, in the right sitaution I can see this being very pleasing. I wouldn't call the flavor strong at all. It's fairly mild, not sweet at all, dry, lots of nic, very hay and cigarette, but from what I've tried this is the best version of this flavor profile I've tried. If you want something that tastes like a pure virginia, high end cig, with a punch of nic, this is it.

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