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Bengal Slices - Bengal Slices 1.75oz
Whichever way you slice it...
I smoked a pipe for a couple of years, quit, then picked up the pipe again about a year ago. So I'm not too experienced but not quite a novice either. One of the more pleasant surprises I've had this time around is Bengal Slices. It's slightly sweet and nutty, with what I first thought was a peppery note but which I now think is a bit of spice from the Orientals that stays after smoking and leaves a nice lingering scent in the room, which my wife likes. This is all I feel qualified to say about it, and part of that is thanks to what I've learned from reading the notes made by others who kindly share their experience in their reviews. I'm an old guy and still somewhat new to the pipe, but whichever way you slice it, it's still damn good tobacco. How much is one's experience of the taste coloured by the pipe, whether it's briar, Meerschaum, or wormwood, etc? I suspect it's still a good taste, whatever the vehicle you choose. I'll give Bengal Slices 4.5 stars; would probably give it 5 if I were more sure of the validity of my opinion. What fun!