Cecil T.

CAO - Moontrance 50g
Not great
I'm not sure what the exotic fruit is supposed to be, but it smells a bit like off-brand cough syrup. At least that doesn't come through in the tastes, but not much else does either. It tastes like a cheap bitter cigar. I guess I'd smoke it if there was nothing else left.

Lane Limited - 1-Q
Hard not to like
Here is my scale: 1= don’t like wouldn’t smoke again, 2= would only smoke if given, 3= like but wouldn’t buy, 4= like and would cellar for later, 5= love and keep in rotation. Most tobacco reviews are not very helpful; if everything is 4.5 stars, nothing is. 1-Q is a classic. I don't necessarily like it that much. I don't smoke it that much. But, I usually keep at least 4 ounces on hand. To me, it's kind of bland and has a weak mouth feel. The room note and tin notes are magnificent. If I don't like it that much, why do I keep it? I guess sometimes I just need a bowl of 1-Q.

G. L. Pease - Odyssey 2oz
Very English
My scale: 1=wouldn't smoke again 2=would smoke if given 3=like, but wouldn't buy 4=would buy and cellar for later 5=love and keep in rotation. Most tobacco reviews are not very helpful, because if everything is four and a half stars, nothing is. Odysseus is a pretty strong English, latakia forward. The orientals perfectly balance the latakia and base. It's very fragrant and has a bit of an incense quality. The latakia calms down after about half a bowl and the orientals start to come forward. I'm not a good judge of nicotine, but strong in flavor. Room note is not bad. Tin note is very fragrant, the latakia and orientals stand out. Definitely one to keep atound.

Eileen's Dream 50g

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Lane Limited

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G. L. Pease
Maltese Falcon 2oz

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