Eddie M.

Cornell & Diehl - Montford Point Marine 2oz
It really takes me back!
Having served in the Marines, and spending some “quality time” at Montford Point, Camp Lejeune, this really takes me back in time. As a young Marine I didn’t smoke a pipe, but I did wake up each morning looking for something strong to get the blood pumping. Unfortunately, back then all I had was some brutally harsh black coffee with some equally harsh cigarettes, but that became a comfort to me during my time in the Corps. Now this blend tastes nothing like a cigarette, but it has a kick to it that incredible, and at the same time it has a smooth quality to it that I can appreciate. The components come together remarkably for a very satisfying smoke. This is one you want to take your time on and savor. If you chug it you won’t catch the nuances of the latikia, perique, and the chewy quality of the burley. I usually smoke it in my smaller pipes, and I find that sipping on it brings out the best in it. I usually don’t stock up on tins because I would rather buy in bulk, but this is one that I stock up on. I have found all of the C&D brands to be exceptional, but this is even more so. If you like strong blends but also like a good tasting one, this is the one for you.

Cornell & Diehl
Bluegrass 2oz

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