James D.

McConnell - Red Virginia 50g
not bad
This blend supposedly has a chocolate flavoring added, I didn't detect anything like that. upon opening the tin I was greeted (not so pleasantly) with a very strong sweet rum casing aroma. I don’t know if they actually case it at all but it sure smells like it. Reminded me of Mac Baren Plumcake Navy blend but this one smelled way more rummy. Moisture from tin was acceptable. It lit easily. Had nothing wrong mechanically. The first few puffs had a slight paint thinner flavor but that dissipated quickly. From that point it was smooth sailing. Was a mellow nutty Virginia with whatever Perique they added being unnoticeable. I’ll be able to enjoy the rest of the tin but I’m still not sure if it’s one I’ll buy again. I might get another just to see how it is after a few years in the cellar.

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