Chris H.

Low Country - Rum
Not bad,Not great
Solid burley/Cavendish blend,the white burley creats alot smoke if your like me and puff like a freight train while the cavindish keeps it nice and cool. this tobacoo burns clean to nice white far as the flavor goes its more nutty/earthy theres no "rum" flavor that comes through atleast in my experience so if thats what your are in need of i would look else where. with that said its still a decent smoke for what it it! not to mention there really friendly where the weight is concerned,i ordered an oz and it looked closer to 2!

Lane Limited - 1-Q
Pleasant smoke!!
Whats there to say 1Q is classic blend!! would recommend to veterans and beginners alike! you cant go wrong with this one,stock up boys!!

Low Country - Hazelnut
Pleasant surprise!!
Very nice blend,to be honest i wasn't expecting much when i ordered,but ended up being pleasantly surprised.the tin note,or should i say bag lol was very strong,smelled exactly like hazelnut i was expecting it to be overpowering,but upon lighting i was hit with a subtle but present flavor of hazelnut,not over powering but just right. theres not much mositure so it burns cool and dry with a steady cadence.overall i would recomend this blend to anyone who likes nutty,creamy and smooth blends.will defintly buy more for the cellar,and with these prices you cant go wrong!

Captain Black - Gold 1.5oz
Pleasant smoke
Nice smoke after sitting out for 12 hours to dry.hints of vanilla not overpowering.overall a nice cool smoke.this was welcome change of pace from my regular rotation.

Sabbia di Oro Poker

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Kinsale Rusticated (XL29) P-Lip

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Cornell & Diehl

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Lane Limited

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Lane Limited

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Prince Albert
Prince Albert 1.5oz

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Cornell & Diehl

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