Deniz Ü.

Cornell & Diehl - Redburn 2oz
Sea bears delight
This is a wonderful smoke..! It emits this "Ol' time sea bears feeling" with its delicate, bold and balance taste. Burley all the way, refined with a smidgen of dark fired's woodsy smoke in the back. Virginias just add a hint of sweetness to outbalance and underscore the blends merits. The rum-molasses topping is very mild, but has an unique rummy-spicy and caramel-y aroma that's not unlike Black Frigates rum-note, yet not exactly the same. Burley lovers won't find this too strong and I'd rate this a solid medium. The taste on the other hand is full-bodied ,rich and bold and simply delicious! In interplay with the lovely, blood-red tin art with its well done scetch of an sailer this is a rounded experience from adoring the tin to smoking the well-crafted crumble cake and enjoying the oustandingly good taste. Yup... love it!

Five Brothers - Five Brothers 1.25oz
Choice Burley-Goodness
Simple blend, simply an excellent Burley! The tobacco comes quite dry and is intended to be smoked this way. Pack a little more firmly than usal to work against the faster burn and you'll get most natural Burley goodness. Richly earthy, mildy nutty and slightly sharp. Rich in nicotine and albeit being rather monochromatic it offers a most satisfying smoke for the lover of the wonderful Burley leaf. Perfect in a word!

Cornell & Diehl - Evening Rise 2oz
Tasty blend, with the Burley giving a nice nutty, mildly sweet and decently tart aroma, whilst the Latakia only plays backup. Turkish is a minor addition as well, but detectable. My tin was from 2012 and the tin note did not only repell the mosqitoes, but KILL them... it smells funky, as if someone puked in the tin, but in the pipe this is most pleaing. Strong nic-hit, but not overly so.

Cornell & Diehl - Black Frigate 2oz
Super smoke for lovers of Navy-styled blends. Someone on TRC described it as "Rummy and Yummy" and that's what it is.. the rum comes along very natural, not overly alcoholic, but fruity, spicy and slightly sour. Latakia isn't overpowering but harmonizes excellently with the rum soaked Virginias, which in interplay with the rum give a smooth, mild sweetness to balace the spice and smoke from the Latakia. Turkish is a mild addition. Lord have mercy... this is one of my most favorite smokes!

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