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Lane Limited - RLP-6
Shaping up to be a favorite
I've been smoking a pipe for about 7 years.1-Q has been my favorite blend for most of that time. I mix other things in there but that has been the one I consistently returned to. Then I tried RLP-6 based on the recommendation at the bottom of the page here when I was buying more of my old favorite. I have smoked four bowls of this now and I think I may have a new favorite. Flavor profile wise it is very similar to 1-Q but I think maybe a touch sweeter. It smokes well and stays lit. It has absolutely zero bite at least that I have experienced unlike the other which can bite a bit if smoked too hard. It is still not too high and vitamin N and is a good all-around relaxing mellow Smoke with enough flavor to keep it interesting

Newminster - No.84 Oriental Pipe Cut
Not bad not my favorite but not bad
This was the first Oriental blend I have tried. I normally smoke aromatics and virginias. It came very dry but I would almost prefer that because when it is weighed I get more volume and I can always humidify it to my liking. I really did not notice the sweetness that some people mentioned. To me a slight spiciness was probably the most noticeable note. It definitely did not have the same aromatic taste and room note that some of the other blends I smoke have. This would not be a blend I would smoke around my wife who is very picky about the room note

Cornell & Diehl - Apricots and Cream
I got this because the The taste rating on this website was five dots so I figured it must be pretty intense and that I would give it a try. In the jar it has a very sweet smell that smells exactly like it is named. It was pretty moist so I let a little bit dry for a couple hours before lighting up. I was a little surprised when I first let the pipe and there was a flame hovering above the pipe for a bit. When I drew on it initially, there was a crackling. It apparently was still quite wet. That said, I went through my normal lighting process and it lit quite easily. After lit, it stayed lit. I smoked it for about an hour and 20 minutes and I think I only had two relights. It was very smooth with absolutely no tongue bite even as it got down to the bottom. I was smoking it from a virgin pipe that I just finished making so while coincidental, there was no chance of ghost flavors from previously smoked blends. I was a little disappointed in the taste. It did not taste bad but it also did not have some of the flavor I was expecting. I really did not taste much fruitiness coming through the smoke. I tasted more of the tobacco than the aromatic topping. That is not necessarily a bad thing if that's what you want but I bought this expecting it to be sweeter than it was. My normal go to is 1Q. I prefer fairly mild blends and I felt absolutely no effects from this one. No one came out of the firehouse while I was smoking this to comment on the room note so I cannot say one way or the other what it was like to those around. As I said it was not bad, I will not throw it out but I probably will not repurchase it as I do not like it better than some of the other blends I have. I may try blending it with some straight golden Virginia I have and see what that is like.

Lane Limited

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