Dmytro B.

Padron - Maduro 3000
Solid stick
Open and extremely loose draw. Started from wood, leather and light spice. Chocolate and fresh cedar taste dominant. Good amount of nicotine. Consistent from start to finish with no transitions. Excellent cigar at this price point.

Liga Privada - Unico Serie Nasty Fritas
real Unico
Special cigar. The form and the taste profile are unique. Black chocolate and leather are dominant but the flavour is complex mild and creamy. Outstanding result.

Leaf - Leaf by Oscar Sumatra Toro
Winning flavour
Perfect construction and easy draw. The flavour is ideal from the start to the very finish, wood, coco and almond essence in the end. Smoked until very short nub because it was still stiff and not spongy or hot. Excellent cigar.

La Aroma de Cuba - Original Robusto
Good surprise
Excellent presentation and construction. Chocolate and spices present from start to finish. Deepness of taste was unexpected at this price point. Very good cigar and worth buying more.

Curivari - Achilles Eternos
Simply the top
Top notch presentation. That said, poor construction, both draw and burning were below standard. The taste makes it 5-star cigar, a mix of coco, chocolate, spices, sweet nuts. Very balanced and deep. Excellent cigar and worth its money.

Aladino - Corojo Corona
Solid cigar
Beautiful glossy wrapper and presentation. Notes of wood and fresh cedar with sour but pleasant taste. Overall good cigar.

Hoyo de Monterrey - Hoyo de Tradicion Toro
No complaints
It is a good cigar, but nothing to crave about. A solid cigar for after lunch smoke when there is a want for light and easy stick.

Oliva - Serie V Lancero
Chocolate bar
Beautiful dark cigar. Medium body, taste of chocolate and spices, very balanced, tasty and super sweet. Excellent cigar.

Curivari - El Gran Rey Belicoso
Coco, almond and cedar
Beautifully presented cigar. The draw was a bit restricted but smokable. The cigar does not hold ash at all. Medium body taste with the distinctive aroma of coco, almond and cedar. A very good cigar. That said, for this money, there are better offerings.

Curivari - Reserva Limitada Cafe 52
Coco cigar
A beautiful cigar with perfect construction. Cigar holds interest from start to finish. Dominant flavours are coco, coffee and mild spaces. Taste is fresh and complex. Excellent cigar and for this price is a bargain.

La Flor Dominicana - La Nox Petite
Excellent cigar
Excellent presentation, dark oily and beautiful leaf, however, the construction has soft spots and arrived slightly damaged (thank you SP for reimbursement). Taste is unique and powerful: dark chocolate, coco, coffee with good amount of Indian spice. Cigar is not static and offers different layers of taste with interesting change and combination. Excellent cigar.

Curivari - Buenaventura BV 500
Good and Cuban taste
Perfect construction and presentation. Mild cigar with woodsy and rounded Cuban taste. Second third is the best. Finish of cigar is mediocre and boring. It is a good cigar, but there are better offerings from Buenaventura in terms of price and taste.

Southern Draw - Rose of Sharon Lancero
Trued enjoyment
Good looking cigar with spongy body. Pleasant aroma of wrapper. On the light straight enjoyment of cigar, which consistently continues until the very end of the stick. Taste: sweet and creamy with wood, nuts, white pepper, coffee and white chocolate taste. Super balanced and elegant. Mild to medium in nicotine. Trued enjoyment for a day smoke. Outstanding cigar.

Curivari - Reserva Limitada Classica Monarcas
Curivari has better options
Perfect construction and Cuban draw. Beautiful wrapper. Taste is mediocre and small amount of smoke. Average cigar.

Curivari - Seleccion Privada Cazadores
Sweet wood
Construction is soft. Presentation is fine. Does not hold ash. Taste is pleasant, medium body, sweet wood. Good cigar.

Regius - Black Label Grandido
Outstanding cigar
Perfect construction and draw. Beautiful presentation. A sweet, woodsy, spicy taste which is very reminiscent of Cuban. Smooth and creamy smoke. Will keep your attention until the finish. Nicotine is not overpowering. Made in best traditions.

Tatuaje - Reserva Petite Cazadores
Small stick packed with flavour
Perfect construction and firm draw. Small stick packed with flavour. It does not take time to develop flavour, very consistence from start to finish. Taste is leather and spice dominant. Provides bold, rich and intensive smoke. As this format supposes, its is not strong in nicotine. Excellent cigar.

Curivari - Buenaventura Cremas C100
After lunch cigar
Perfect construction and beautiful presentation. The taste of cedar, light wood and nuts are dominant throughout the cigar without changing. Nicotine is more than noticeable. The finish is pleasant, as well as aftertaste. Good value cigar and nice choice as after lunch cigar.

Joya de Nicaragua - Joya Silver Corona
Oscuro wrapper
Construction of my cigar was pretty bad, the draw was nearly possible first half of cigar. Other than that, the taste this cigar provides is excellent. It starts with dark chocolate, roasted coffee and black pepper. Through the way to the finish chocolate and pepper gradually dissipate and cigar finishes with smooth pure tobacco taste. Nicotine is there but not strong. The aftertaste is pleasant. Will buy more. Worth to mention that the wrapper is Oscuro leaf. Excellent `cigar.

Arturo Fuente - Hemingway Short Story
Simple and light
Perfect construction and draw. A dense cigar with beautiful Cameron wrapper. I would divide the taste of this cigar into two parts: cedar and light wood during the first half and second half with nutty taste dominant. The end of the smoke is smooth and creamy. Mild to medium taste and strength. The aftertaste is pleasant and light. Perfect burn from the start to the end. It took 55 minutes to finish. Solid 4 stars.

Arturo Fuente - Exquisitos
Fresh cedar taste
Good presentation and construction. The burn is not ideal but manageable. Cedar taste dominant throughout the cigar. The taste is static, although changes should not be expected from this size. Overall, if you are looking for a fresh cedar taste and smooth smoke you will enjoy it. 4 stars are based on the price and quality leaf. Something that I would repeat during hot summer days.

Gran Habano - Corojo #5 Lunch Break
One dimensional taste
Excellent presentation and construction. Woodsy taste dominant throughout the cigar. The taste becomes more complex on the way to the the finish, however, without changing much, wood and dark tones, on the last third dark chocolate and spice may be slightly detected. Ash does not hold much. Good amount of Vitamin N. It took 1:15 to complete. Overall, if you are looking for a dark wood with slight spice you might enjoy it. For my preference, I rank it 3 stars due to lack of dynamics and variety of taste.

Oliva - Connecticut Reserve Petit Corona
Everything is perfect in this cigar, except the taste. If you are looking for grassy taste and bitterness you might enjoy it.

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