About Me:
I love smoking my pipe just as much as the next homeboy.

Cornell & Diehl - Sunday Picnic 2oz
I’ve only tried this aged
I was lucky enough to find a BLOATED tin in my last trip to the tobacco shop. I don’t know how many years were on it but what a treat!! Naturally sweet and tasty with a good body. I recommend to anyone who enjoys VA blends. Can’t tell you what it’s like new out of the tin though!

Sutliff - Ready Rubbed Match
Not what I expected, but still good
Completely different to my expectations. Maybe I'll try blending it with a little bit of Virginia to sweeten it a little more to what I want. Alone, the flavor is subtle and the smoking is easy. I found it more of a kind of "aperitif" in the morning before my evening pipe. I also find it enjoyable sipping quick small puffs. Doing this helps me really taste the chocolate in this. Drying this or even keeping it as an EDC in your tobacco pouch to dry then rubbing it out a little more afterwards is also a good idea because it helps with the lighting process and also improves on the taste. Gravity fill and lite packing is the best I recommend.

Filters & Adaptors - Savinelli 6mm Charcoal Filters (100 Count)
Perfect fit for my Savinelli
I was using 6mm Dr.Perl filters for a while, and while they do work fine they run a little short. These however fit my Savinelli perfectly! I wanna say they're similar to Medico filters in length.

Peter Stokkebye - PS41 Cube Cut
Consistent Work Horse
A true cube cut and the easiest to smoke. My best advice to prep is let it dry for a little prior, gravity load, tap tamp lightly, and light away. Now for the review. Consistent in flavor is my best description and a work horse because of it's easy pack-n-go accessibility. Flavor is the typical burley sweet, nutty, and cocoa like, but amplified to me for some reason and I loved it for this! On top of that after every relight the flavor would stay consistent which is a plus from me. Body of the smoke is medium. Only complaint from is why I didn't order a bigger bulk order of this!

Hearth & Home - Black House 1.75oz
Savory, and Tangy?
Savory is my best description, and with a slight tang. Flavor to me is a rich smokey tangy bbq with a dark sweetness like molasses. Smoke body is medium to me and lovely to slowly push the smoke out the front of my mouth for me to smell the fragrance it emits. Incensey and smokey to my nose. A very zen experience every time with this blend!

Peterson - Elizabethan Mixture 50g
Pleasant, is my best description for this blend. Light/ Medium in flavor but far from boring for me. Body of the smoke is airy and light. However, the last bit after the last third to the last quarter of the bowl can be a little bit harsh and acrid. Perique may throw you off for tongue bite and tongue bite may throw you off for perique or sometimes both if you aren't careful! 4 stars is a fair rating I think.

Filters & Adaptors - Vauen 6mm Filters (30 Count)
Only 3 real setbacks
Dr. Perl will forever be my favorite filter. The resistance in this and the 9mm is a perfect match for long drawing and mildly aggressive smokers like myself and others. Mechanically, they provide a user friendly smoke for the most part, and clean up the smoke rather well. However, my only real complaint is the length of this filter. The size of the filter in compliance with the length result in 2 setbacks. 1, the stem gets rather wet, but is avoidable by sticking a cleaner in the stem between or after smokes. 2, do not push the filter all the way into the stem you may need tweezers to get it out. And finally 3, I understand these are small filters, and their life span is short, so I think it's better to use them as 1 time uses, so stock up! All in all a good filter and my auto pilot when it comes to smoking my pipe.