Caldwell Cigar Company - Blind Man's Bluff Connecticut Magnum
Blindman's the bright direction for me

Partagas - 1845 Classico Robusto
Like it
My kind of cigar

Rocky Patel - Vintage 1990 Robusto
Good rich and aromatic
Good one, and will buy more

Black Label Trading Company - Lawless Robusto
Very good
Strong yet mellow, doenst burn your tongue at all! Enjoyable to the last third.

Perla Del Mar - Shade Short Robusto
It's okay, not my fav
Note to myself: a bit too fat and a bit too spicy for my own liking.

Tatuaje - Black Label Private Reserve Corona Gorda
Worth every penny
Note to myself: a gorgeous smoke

Oliva - Serie G Cameroon Special G
A little heavier than the Maduro version. but just as good nonetheless

Oliva - Serie G Maduro Special G
Short but good, just right for one drink

Southern Draw - Quickdraw Connecticut Corona Gorda
Not my thing
well constructed however a little coarse in my view

Oliva - Serie G Maduro Churchill
Pretty good
Agreed with the Wolf overall.

Ashton - Benchmade Toro
Not good
Note to myself: Bad construction; bland.

AJ Fernandez - New World Puro Especial Gordo
A great one
Good construction - it holds together during the entire smoke; good draw; and good balance

Crowned Heads - Four Kicks Seleccion No. 5
Very spicy for the Strength-3 rating.

San Cristobal - Elegancia Imperial
Great Balance
Just the way I like it! Great balance, mind taste. Went down well with Shochu.

Juan Lopez - Seleccion No. 3
Great bang for the bucks
I didn't think it was that strong but it has good balance of taste and flavor. Great bang for the bucks for sure, just walked the dog with one of these. Made the walk enjoyable.

Macanudo - 1968 Robusto
Tasty but a hard draw
It's nice but a lot of work! Cheek and Tongue work out!

Arturo Fuente - Exquisitos
What a kick!
Nice without being overpowering

Corto X46

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