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Member of the Fredericksburg (VA) Pipe Society.

Sutliff - J4 - Burley
Packed with Flavor
This is my favorite burley for blending. It is smooth and mellow, but certainly not lacking flavor. The tin note is loaded with chocolaty, nutty aromas. It smokes with just as much flavor. Rich cocoa and nutty flavors flood throughout any blend in which I put it. Keep it simple and you've got a great everyday smoke. Layer it with other tobaccos and flavors, it's like a great flavorful creamer in a rich coffee. Perfection!

Cornell & Diehl - Billy Budd Blonde
Not enough VA, to much Per
I'm not a VA/Per fan because the Perique just doesn't agree with me. But I do appreciate a good blend of VA burley. There is nothing special about this blend. The cigar leaf is delightful but the rest of the ingredients just lay there.

Daughters & Ryan - Picayune 40g
NOT what I was expecting.
NOT enjoying a new tin before the Steelers game begins. Why, you may wonder? I believed the reviewers who said "This is a different sort of Perique, not peppery but slightly spicy" BULL DROPPINGS! The first half of the bowl was more peppery than any VAPer I've ever had. The last half calmed down a bit so I could get a little Samsun and burley/VA, but still Perique forward. It's a good quality blend but NOT what I was hoping for. Also, the nicotine his was sustancial. Yikes!

Pipe Tools & Supplies - Vauen Filters (10 pack)
Filter Shootout Winner
I did a filter shootout between these and another popular filter. These were the clear winner. These filters do not restrict the draw like others do. I did not notice a discernible change in flavor. Most surprising was the noticeable drying out of a wet smoke, as aromatics can produce. If you want a nice cool, dryer smoke, I recommend Vauen.

Newminster - No.47 Danish Black
My favorite new mild aromatic
In my first order to SmokingPipes I figured I better start with a mild aromatic. Danish Black was the best of 3 great mild aromatics I tried. Love its scent, notes, and taste. Definitely worth trying an ounce.

Vauen - Crunchy Blend 50g
My First Nut
This was my first order from SmokingPipes. I couldn't be more pleased. I figured I should start out with mild aromatics with flavors I'm accustomed to. This did it. A mild aromatic with a couch of hazelnut just like my favorite coffee creamer. Two Thumbs Up!

Cult - Blood Red Moon 50g
Not for Me?
I tried BRM at a club gathering. I told a friend "I'm not into chocolate or cherries." But he pointed out that it smokes differently than it smells. Boy, was he right. The notes in this aromatic are beautiful even if you're not a fan of Dark Chocolate and/or Cherry. I found it to be smooth, flavorful, and mild. In short, enjoyable to smoke.