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Rattray's - Old Gowrie 100g
Love This Tobacco
Great smoke! Every time I open a tin after not smoking this for a while, it just floors me how good it is. Rattray's Brown Clunee and HOTW also get top honors in my cellar.

Peter Stokkebye - PS41 Cube Cut
Most smoked pipe tobacco
I like the cube cut. It took some time to gett use to how to pack it. Great mild burley tobacco taste with some coco in the back ground. While I claim to like many other tobaccos more, I smoke more of this than anything else... So maybe it is my favorite! At least my favorite any time daily smoke.

Sutliff - 507C Virginia Slices
Nice VA with mild vanilla
Wasn't expecting much from this flake, but I really like it. Good flavor, cool smoking, and tasty. Has a mild added vanilla flavor to it that combines with the natural sweetness of the VA. Might be adding a pound to my next order.

Solani - Silver Label - 660 100g
Kentucky Perfection
The amount of Kentucky on this one is just right. Works really well with the selected VAs. Subtle sweetness in the background. Really nice tobacco. Top notch baccy! Seems to be out of stock lately and, of course, I'm getting low. Its like they train us to hoard our favorites.

Drucquer & Sons - Blairgowrie 100g
Very Interesting English
Full flavored english, but not real heavy on the lat. Love the rubbed out flake cut. Love the flavor. Most english's taste similar to me, but this one stands out

Rattray's - Marlin Flake 50g
One Sweet Flake!
Just finished my first tin of this flake. Really good, deep dark flavor with a real sweetness lurking in the background. Liked it enough to order several more tins. Folded and stuffed brings out more sweetness; rubbed out brings more of the dark Virginia taste forward. Trying several other Rattray's tobaccos and they all seem like winners. Why have I not tried this line sooner?

Reiner - Blend No. 71 100g
Great Flake
Simply a great, mild bready flake. Similar to Orlik Golden Sliced, but vastly superior in taste and presentation. I award this flake best in class. I constantly compare newly acquired flakes to Long Golden Flake. And they all fail to stand up to the "Glolden One".

Arango - Balkan Supreme
Top Notch Balkan
Very fragrant, flavorful blend. Smooth and cool smoking.

Old Gowrie 100g

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Peter Stokkebye
PS41 Cube Cut

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Blend No. 71 100g

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