Dr Donald H.

Kramer's - Father Dempsey 50g
An Absolute Delight
I remember for decades poking my heading in Kramer's right off Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. I was always headed to the far end of Rodeo to the old Dunhill store. Enjoyed hearing the laughter from the customers and staff at Kramers. Often a tourist would pop-in and grab a cigar for his stroll down Rodeo, or to sit on one of the few available benches while his credit card was maxed out by his bride and/or new girlfriend at the Rodeo shops. To be honest, I never tried any of their house blends. I am a burley smoker and nothing caught my interest. I regret that now. If you have enjoyed Balkan Sobranie, 965, Aperitif, the Frogs, the Rattray's....just order Father Dempsey. It is incredible. It hits all the right notes. Take your time...don't attack it like a steam engine train...savor it. I lack the words to describe its subtleties. There is a symphony going on here, but it also is a sonata. My only regret: I wish it came in a larger tin. Wait, I have another regret...I should have bought some in the store decades ago.