Samuel M.

Cult - Blood Red Moon 50g
Excellent for those afternoons which little to do but enjoy a pipe, I can’t fault this blend but I only give 5 stars to amazing blends, the cherry and vanilla notes shine through the clouds and give a pleasant room note. I would highly recommend for the beginner smoker who has had trouble with young bite as this has none

Cornell & Diehl - Pennington Gap 2oz
Nutty and sweet
The burbon comes through nicely as a sweetener butt favourite thing about this blend is the nutty aspect I can tast hazelnut and almonds, no surprise here but Cornell and Diel have done it again

Cornell & Diehl - Pirate Kake 8oz
Good sturdy blend for those afternoons/evenings when you want to slow down and count your dubloons, leathery campfire notes with a hint of spice from those orientals just enough burley to balence the blend out nicely. Smokes cool and evenly, not for the social smoker as this blend may offend some noses but may impress others. Great work C and D

Cornell & Diehl - Sam's Blend 2oz
Simple satisfaction
this blend is simple and that’s why I like it, tin note is leathery and Smokey, smokes cool with little to no tongue, is easily my favourite go to blend, I can see myself smoking this well into the future (wish they had the 8oz tins)

Cornell & Diehl - Golden Days of Yore 2oz
Fine mild aromatic
This blend was the first aromatic and first C and D blend that I was blessed to try, Was pleasantly surprised that it retains its English/non aromatic notes and still the light chocolate and Christmas pudding that reminds me of my dear old grandmother makes, peaks through the clouds (pun intended) made this a refreshing break from frog Morton’s cellar (the only blend I had tried at the time) I would most definitely recommend this as a middle ground or rather good steeping stone for aromatic pipe smokers looking to move closer towards English/non aromatics whithout delving right in, like dipping your toe into the pool to check the water temp easily gets four stars

Borkum Riff - Cherry Cavendish 1.5oz
Not good
Was expecting to be decent but I was wrong almost no cherry and terrible mouth bite, buy the vanilla cavendish instead much better