Gerrick R.

G. L. Pease - Meridian 2oz
Excellent, One of the Best from G.L. Pease
A great English blend but unlike any I have ever tried. Perhaps a bit like the Drew Estate Meatpie blend but I haven't had a taste of that in many years. The description says it all, "more savory than sweet," and it isn't wrong. The flavor is excellent, spicy and robust but also mild, without the overwhelming smokiness you get from some English blends. I find the flavor to be well balanced and immediately satisfying. Order an 8oz tin because you won't be disappointed.

Newminster - No.400 Superior Navy Flake
An all day flake with a mild bite
If you are a long time pipe smoker the bite is fairly mild. Other than that this is a pleasing Virginia flake that is economical and very satisfying.

G. L. Pease - Cumberland 2oz
Very Sweet and Pleasant Right Out of the Tin
Not an extremely mild blend but exceedingly sweet and very well balanced right out of the tin. My guess is if you like what goes into this blend you will be very happy with the end result.

Former - Bird's Eye Flake 50g
Good Navy Flake
I like to carry a flake when I go out, they are just more portable, durable, they hold up better. This is one of the flakes I like to take with me and just like a good flake it is durable, portable and holds up well. This is a meat and potatoes blend, Virginias and Perique, don't expect to be surprised but you will find yourself pleased, it is spicy and savory. It is a good, reliable, and dependable blend. It holds it's own among what you find in a the selection of Va-Pers but if you want the convenience of a portable, well made Navy Flake then look no further. That is, if you can find it in stock.

G. L. Pease - Stonehenge Flake 2oz
Fine Lakeland Blend
After trying several G.L. Pease blends and not being disappointed in a single one this one caught my eye and made its way to me in a recent order. I have to admit I am quite pleased. I don't often read reviews of tobaccos, preferring to read the descriptions and letting nature preside. If I have any doubts I will, then, read a review. So, quite to my surprise did I read the review titled 'Essence of Nursing-home'! All the while as I happily puffed away on the article in question. For a moment my credulity was deceived and I thought I may be missing something and the aroma so dreaded in the disapproving review made itself apparent. I steeled my nerves against this hideous specter and told myself, 'Its only your imagination! You know there is no such thing as a pervading nursing home!' With my mind settled and my nerves calmed I once again resumed the pleasant task of appreciating the airy sweetness and delicate perfume of this fine blend. Enjoying the thought of leaves steamed and hot pressed, matured and then sliced to just the right thickness to produce an effect that has few if any rivals in appearance, taste and texture. If you like flakes you are missing out on something superb if you have not yet tried a tin of this blend. There is every taste of summer in here, or rather, the end of summer, when the days are just a little less hot and the nights are cool and breezy and everything feels peaceful. That may not be a concrete indication of this blend's flavor but it should give you an idea of the taste.

G. L. Pease - Barbary Coast 2oz
Satisfying Blend
I cannot think of a single reason to dislike this blend, although I will make the concession that the 8oz can is better humidified than the 2oz can but overall this is a very small complaint. As already mentioned this is a great blend for around the house and will burn very slowly and easily. The tobaccos are mostly a deep red, with very fine cut Burley and larger ribbons of Virginia and Perique. It packs easily and the flavor is full without being heavy and cloying. The brandy note sits well upon the palate and is present through out the bowl, it pairs nicely with the smooth and earthy flavor of the components. As the brandy is flashed off the flavors really begin to develop and the dark sweetness of the blend emerges. This could be a substitute for almost any sweet and spicy dark baked delight in memory, with notes of honey, dates, figs, sweet spice and perhaps glazed cherries. Every G.L. Pease blend that I have tried I would purchase again but this has easily made it's way into my regular rotation. Do yourself a favor and buy the 8oz size, you will be glad you did.

G. L. Pease - Piccadilly 8oz
A quality smoke
For what it is its really good; Virginias, perique, and Latakia. It doesn't overwhelm. Very nice to have on hand when you want to take a step away from your heavier blends.

212 - Burley Delight

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