About Me:
60 years old never smoked,tried a pipe and am hooked, damn missed out on lots of good smokin time

Lane Limited - Macanudo 1.75oz
Fine smoke
Lane put together a nice blend with great tobacco taste, not overpowered by the topping and the hint of vanilla make for a smooth smoke, burns nice no bite. Leaving the burley out makes this a great all day smoke. It will be in the cellar for a later day delight, and I will be ordering a few more tins for later.

Tampers & Tools - Credo Pipe Tool Gunmetal
slim and just plain cool
Love the case that it comes in slim nice fit will have to see in time if the swivel foot and composition of metal work out. So far so good nice construction cool design concept just not sure of zinc aluminum alloy and durability.

Cult - Militia 50g
hell yea
Nice nose and great texture. Flavor is good not over the top and they complement one another not busy complicated taste. Burns nice not too bitey if cadence is kept reasonable. Not my fav for aros but damn close. Aro lovers need to give this one a shot.

Mac Baren - 7 Seas Red
cherry not artificial crap
wonderful pouch nose and room note smokes nice without lots of bite. Does leave an aftertaste and ghosts will appear in your briar, not a major problem if ya have a designate taster pipe

Peter Stokkebye - PS9F French Vanilla
wheres the vanilla
I was thinking (without the proper equipment) but non the less the vanilla would stand out not be barely present. Very mild smooth smoke but lacks the wow.

Lane Limited - Buttered Rum
Rum blend about it
Not impressed with the bite I got the nose is fine but didn't knock my hat in the creek. Has an aftertaste I didn't care for, I am going to give it some time to sit but not holding my breath. One of the first Lane products I wasn't impressed with.

Lane Limited - Very Cherry
fine cherry taste
The nose is great nice cherry note without the cheap artificial smell (Cherry Cough drop) most I have tried had in common. No bad after taste, lit well, burned really nice not gummy and just plain refreshing for a cherry baccy. Did get some bite but really pushed it to get there great slow cadence smoke.

Sutliff - State Fair
tasty and aftertasty
The nose is nice but the bite and aftertaste not an overwhelming desire to puke but it did leave a strange taste. The tobacco blend is a mild nice smoke till rushed some then the bite and burble. Ok blend but like the state fair not that great.

Cult - Anonymous 50g
Nice light vanilla aro
Not a favorite it does have a nice vanilla taste faint but there but I did find a slight aftertaste that was not bad but not my thing. Mild easy going smoke to be sure.

Cult - Profile 50g
Nice aro with a trace of vanilla but mostly fine blend Virginia Black Cav blended perfectly. Did get some bite but the humidity is 90% and its cold and snowing out so may have to throw the bite to ma natures contribution.

Sutliff - Flying Dutchman Match
wow thats nice
Real nice nose from the getgo. The pouch nose was nice but once lit I was really taken by the mild vanilla and smooth tobacco. No aftertaste and possibly the nicest burn of all aros I have smoked. Absolute keeper

Sutliff - 150 Mark Twain
good mild smoke
Ain't sure if I can say its a favorite but it is really mild and quite pleasant for a change of pace.

Sutliff - B25 Dark Chocolate
good mild baccy
Nice light aroma of chocolate and an alcohol from the pouch not overpowering but nicely there. Smokes very mild and isn't tempramental nice smoke for newbies and nice for a break for more seasoned as well.

Lighters - Kiribi Kabuto Smokingpipes Pipe Lighter Limited Edition 2018
a real beauty
Love the Kiribi lighters and the finish on this one is wow. Quality lighter with the coolest friggin logo ever and the fade out accent is just great, love showing it off to my smoker buddies. Keep up the logo items I love advertising for ya'll, your good folk.

Mac Baren - Danish Mixture Modern 3.5oz
pretty fine smoke
Not the usual aro blend for me but tried a new baccy and found the nose a little fruity from the tin the tobacco has a nice texture and moisture level. Good flavor not overly sweet and not a heavy burley tongue chewing, will gurgle if rushed. Overall a good aro for a little different taste without straying too far from good baccy. Usually aros go too far with heavy casing, not the case ya can still get the full flavor of the tobacco. Will keep in rotation upper 10 in the mix.

Missouri Meerschaum - Great Dane 1.5oz
I'm impressed
Not what I expected way better. The nose upon opening the pouch is reminiscent of your favorite old tobacco shop, a complex aroma that takes you back. There is virtually no bite at all and the flavor is pleasantly abundant but not overpowered by one another. Room note from the family is a 5 star too, I will be keeping some of this baccy in my stock its the best cherry blend I have tried.

Home Fragrance - Smoke Odor Exterminator Candle Maui Wowie Mango 13oz
really great aroma
It has the aroma of tropical fruit bubble gum but not overpowering, subtle and fresh, absolutely like this one.

Home Fragrance - Smoke Odor Exterminator Candle Kiwi Twisted Strawberries 13oz
great aroma
I was skeptical when ordering as strawberry can be too artificial and sweet. When I opened the jar first thought nice real strawberries and mango. Burning aroma is even nicer covers smoke really well also cat box stink is beat down. Need a few more on the shelf.

CAO - Bella Vanilla Tubo
not my thing
Too much vanilla and sweet overpowered the tobacco. I wasn't put off by the room note but the taste is way too sweet.

Mac Baren - Vanilla Cream
tasty nice room note
The aroma from the bag is really nice fairly strong vanilla, does have good flavor when lit nice smooth flavor, smoked fast it is gonna bite, slow your cadence and vigor and its a sweet smoke. A reorder for me.

Gifts - Smokingpipes Logo Button
agree with TFrogs
I have to agree with Truculent get some more ad goodies out I don't mind advertising for ya'll I will give you cudos anytime ,a good company that I will say a good word for anyday.

Daughters & Ryan - William's Delight 50g
I've smoked worse
This tobacco is dry as a popcorn fart, the tin note is there somewhere I am sure about the best thing about Williams delight is it does stay lit. From the first puff I knew I was in for some bite and it didn't let me down there, it bit as bad as I have ever experienced. I don't think I will reorder anytime soon as I prefer to enjoy a smoke not endure one..

Cult - Blood Red Moon 50g
yum not gum
First cherry that tasted nice not sickening sweet and doesn't leave your pipe gummed up with cherry syrup. This is my go to cherry aro. No bite to speak of either, need more for the cellar.

Tobacco Jars - Tobacco Jar
nice capacity
Beautiful functional storage and nice looking. I put 12 ounces of my favorite blend in and could get more probably a full pound is possible I believe and a boveda pack fits in the lid nicely will make a great Christmas gift this year for my Lunter friends.

Brigham - Ripley Ave 50g
not bad, not great
The tin nose was nice and the moisture was almost spot on. Smokes nice with good room note, just lacks flavor, not totally missing but one has to look for it, just a pinch more vanilla would make it great.

Stands & Pouches - 2 Pipe Stand
Nicely done heavy nicely finished. Best of all it will hold almost any shape pipe you throw at it. Being heavy and having rubber pads on the bottom it sits well on most any surface. Have a few friends that will be getting one for Christmas this year.

Mac Baren - 7 Seas Regular 3.5oz
loved the taste
Nice tin nose, did find tobacco to be slightly high on the moisture, loaded a bowl anyway and enjoyed the taste but I feel after a little air time the gurgle will be reduced as it does bite some. Probably due to my rush to try the blend I knew would be great. It is a great blend just needs to dry out some.

Mac Baren - Vanilla Flake 1.75oz
brilliant balance
Vanilla screams out of the freshly opened tin. The wafers of tobacco are beautiful however a little dry. Smokes nice without being rushed, rush your cadence and it bites bad. This is a smoke you enjoy slowly while the fall leaves blow across the yard not hurried just relaxed. The room note is very pleasant a is the mild tobac. I will enjoy the rest of the tin and absolutely order another or two.

Lane Limited - Burley and Black
Absolutely delicious right from the bag and I am assuming it will get better with age if that is possible. The chocolate and tobacco compliment each other rather than assault one another. An absolute reorder and place in rotation.

Planta - Anno MMX (After Dinner Mixture)
Not impressed
I tried to get along with this one but the bite and aftertaste not for me. Bite was quick to appear after lighting and then the taste a sort of sour cheap whiskey, that just gets more intense as the bowl burns down. I will pass on a reorder.

Cleaners & Cleaning Supplies - Brigham Regular Pipe Cleaners (75 pack)
need a second cleaner
Found the first cleaner left a fair amount of lint deposit in the stem if it wasn't too tight to fit, required a second cleaner to clear the dust bunnies, will stick to Longs, ordered these because they were out of my goto cleaners (BJ Longs)

Cleaners & Cleaning Supplies - B. J. Long Bristle Tapered Pipe Cleaners (80 pack)
great cleaners
Bristley little cleaners that really scrub like no other. A necessity for daily cleaning.

Planta - Danish Black Vanilla 50g
Would have gotten a 5 but the tin I got was dry. A little rehydration and a few days sitting and I am impressed with the tin nose, wasn't upon first opening, but started a bowl lit nicely burned even and smooth, very nice vanilla overtone and complements the tobac blend perfectly, aros are my favorite and this is one for the rotation possibly a daily smoker for me. Hopefully the hext order will be of the right moisture content, the box did arrive looking like it was drop kicked to my home the whole 1400 miles, tin may have had the seal compromised.

Cleaners & Cleaning Supplies - Neerup Mortise Brush 2/Bag
Cleaned some dead soldiers
Got a few pipes given to me when my brother passed, he wasn't the best about cleaning and following basic rules with smoking. Some work and a little determination and I was able ti get the smutz out of the Mortise on 3 pipes I knew were toast. A little soaking with Pipe masters and a few passes with the brush and the crud came off easily with a fuzzy cleaner, so I am impressed and as I am cheap the reusable aspect is very appealing to the wallet more to spend on tobacco this way less waste also.

Cleaners & Cleaning Supplies - 8deco Premium Shank Brush
easy to use and reuse
Work great a little aggressive scrub run a pipe cleaner or two, and drop it in alcohol to soak dry it, and your ready for another round.

Cleaners & Cleaning Supplies - Neerup Chamber Brush 2/Bag
scrub bowls nicely
Should have ordered long ago. They make deeper cleaning ones pipes a lot easier, just not in stock always so get em while ya can.

Peter Stokkebye - PS9 Vanilla Creme
wonderful flavor
Mild tobacco good vanilla flavor and it is great burning, didn't experience bite at all. Easy on the nose as far as room note goes. It goes into my rotation.

Lane Limited - Andullo 1.75oz
ooh that smell
The nose on opening the tin says tobacco with a hint of aros but mostly the woodsy note you get, nice burning not hot or tempremental. Strong latakia kick to it, love it.

Home Fragrance - Smoke Odor Exterminator Candle Granny Smith 13oz
strong apple
Made the house smell like fresh apple cider being pressed nice room presence not perfumey or totally artificial smelling its a toss up between the Orange and the Apple both are great for removing the odor somewhat of your favorite blend.

Tobacco Jars - Smokingpipes Tobacco Jar
thin but tough
My jar arrived in a crushed box and was expecting broken glass, to my surprise the packing was good enough to pad this beauty. The jar from a candle had a large chip out, so it was a rough trip. Filled with 4 ounces of favorite blend (fit nicely) with ample breathing room and the lid holds the boveda pack perfectly. Nicely done with the logo and air tight lid love it need 2 more.

Stands & Pouches - Pipe Rest for Car
good pipe grip bad dash grip
Kind of a good bad and ugly thing here, holds most pipes with a death grip not the prettiest but holds fast except to the dash, put some good double side carpet tape on and your set.

Lane Limited - Dark Red
great flavor
The cavendish is complemented by the subtle vanilla and pleasant cherry not too much sweet as most cherry aros are, I really enjoyed the first bowl as I was apprehensive to order yet another disappointing goopy cherry but this is neither a gooper or sick sweet just enjoyable mild smoke

Sutliff - 203 Coffee
subtle and pleasant
Very pleasant coffee in the back ground not over the top seems to burn a little warm but haven't found many coffee blends that don't, overall one of the more pleasant coffee blends I have tried, just slow down and enjoy don't rush through it. And yes with coffee but what tobacco doesn't go with coffee or beer.

Peterson - Aran Mixture 40g
OK, Lacks flavor
Lacks flavor and burns extremely hot doesn't make for a satisfying smoke as the tongue bite is a bit much, won't reorder soon on this one

Villiger - New World Export 1.5oz
wonderful tobacco
The other review is accurate nice quality tobacco with beautiful room note and the taste was a pleasant fairly mild tasty delight with very little bite, the flavor present but not over the top. I have the other tobacs offered by Villager either on order or on the list to order.

Peter Stokkebye - PS315 Black Coffee
good to the last puff
Can't quite figure out what 2 of the reviews were, missing the coffee, the UPS driver thought he was delivering coffee from the box nose and I found it to be nicely coffee flavored and I like strong coffee. The coffee shouldn't overpower the tobacco as some blends tend to do and become bitey and bitter to smoke, I actually found smoked slowly with a cup of coffee and watching the snow come down is both calming and enjoyable. Love the blend and would recommend trying it.

Lane Limited - Hoyo de Monterrey 1.75oz
not my favorite Lanes but nice none the less
I had hesitated buying this Lane product but the curiosity got the best of me. No lack of kick but a little lacking in flavor. Wonderful tin and room nose but I was expecting a little more vanilla taste but the flavor of the tobacco its self is satisfying. It does have a little Burley bite but not to the extent of displeasure. Will buy more for the stash soon.

Tampers & Tools - Rubber Pipe Bits (2 pack)
a must for dentured lunters
Have had problems clenching and dropping the pipe in the lap while driving. No more scorched crotch these are great and so simple a gotta have for us old gummers.

Tampers & Tools - 8deco Legend Tamper Carbon Fiber
my new favorite tamper
Looks are stunning nice trim lines large tamping foot. The spoon is a high polish and of adequate size and the pick is heavy duty and seems to be of a nice size for the long reaches and stubborn clogs

Cleaners & Cleaning Supplies - Brigham Bristle Pipe Cleaners (75 pack)
love em
Recently had a ghosted pipe that wouldn't quit. Had done salt alcohol of the bowl but still had a lingering toilet cake taste. Scrubbed the stem with Pipemasters and a Bristle cleaner (the brush had missed the residue) and after 3 passes the crap was gone and the ghost has been exorcised from my briar and stem, where have these little beauties been all this time and effort.

Comoy's - Cask No.9 3.5oz
can't complain
Taste is nice nose is great out of the tin. The texture is great nice moisture level burns great can get hot as the blue blazes of hell and chew on the tongue and lip if provoked but overall a decent smoke.

Filters & Adaptors - Savinelli 9mm Balsa Filters (15 Count)
no more charcoal for me
Have been using the 6mm's for a long time and decided to try the balsa in my Vauen and instantly noticed the difference in both charcoal and paper as they become restrictive with use, actually from the time you start they are less draw friendly. The balsa does as Mart V. says decreased moisture problems almost entirely, and I agree they won't catch the tars and particulates, but isn't that where some of the flavor is? just asking my thoughts I'll take a little bite from the crud for the full flavor.

Stands & Pouches - Tobacco Pouch Humidifier
revived some old tobac from the dead
I received a new pipe bag pouch combo a few weeks ago from our friends at Smoking Pipes and started to move travel pipe and accessories and found some really dry long forgotten tobacco. Not a major amount 1+ ounce and beings I am a cheap old fart wanted to save it. Hydrated the button with distilled water placed it in the old bag with the dead soldier and in 2 hours it was starting to revive and rehydrate so I will post sometime later with long term results but as for now wholly crap they work great and no glycols are used COOL can't do with the chemicals.

Lane Limited - Vanilla Black Cavendish
love the vanilla
Now your talkin vanilla here, has an intense nose and the flavor isn't a disappointment either. It is an extremely moist tobacco and I spread some out for a late night smoke. The smell won out and after only 15 minutes of air it was in the merschaum and smoke was rolling. Not the strongest smoke but I think a dash of Lat and I am in sensory heaven. The family hasn't complained about the room note and actually gather in the office when I lit up and commented on the nice aroma. Very pleasant.

Lane Limited - RLP-6
move over 1-Q
The flavor is 1-Q with a kick. I haven't found a Lane tobacco I was not satisfied with started on 1-Q but need more kick and its here not over the top strong but a nice step up. Stocking up soon.

Lane Limited - Wild Hare 1.75oz
second bowl syndrone
Wasn't sure if it was the taste or the mild smoke but I wanted another bowl after diner (first before) less than an hour after the first bowl I was back I am fearing its the need for the nic kick but it is nice and has good vanilla flavor not too much but its there. Good beginners smoke.

Tampers & Tools - Brigham Green Pipe Tool
well made
I have had 3 Brigham Pipe tools now and all were not created equal. The stainless was a let down but the solid build of the inlaid aluminum are great.A little tight needs working in but open and close a few times and they are flawless, great buy great quality.

Tampers & Tools - Czech Pipe Tool
the best 2 bucks I spent all week
Have had a few tampers now and with mixed results. This little beauty or lack there of will not let you down got 3 so I can throw one in the tackle box and leave one in the truck center console and that one takes a beating, you can't hurt em and if you do ya aren't out 10 plus bucks get a batch for toss abouts they are great.

Stands & Pouches - Erik Stokkebye 4th Generation 1 Pipe Combo Pouch Hunter Brown
Nicely done
Every time I buy a bag I regret it either the quality is lacking a feature is not right or they are just plain ugly. This one is nice looking good quality with lots of room for tobacco not so roomy for accessories but adequate, I love natural leather so it was a no brainer I needed to retire my old tattered genuine imitation leather bag.

Stands & Pouches - Woodmere 6 Pipe Stand Teak
pipes need more room order it
This is a beautiful stand simple plain but very functional and not a half bad looker. For the price do it click add to cart and you won't be unhappy.

Stands & Pouches - Single Pipe Stand
Nice finish very light and doesn't accept all pipes well. Long stems are left dragging and heavy pipes don't sit firmly either, great for a straight stem pipe.

Stands & Pouches - Single Pipe Stand (Solid)
solid as a rock
Holds pipes nicely tried several shapes and stem lenths and its a great cradle for your babies. It would have gotten a 5 star except it does have finish issues easy fix with a piece of sand paper and 2 minutes (had a rough corner splinters) but well done I like it and will order another.

Super Value - Amaretto 1.5oz
a friend said just try some
Not my fav but as I smoked a bowl with him and talked I couldn't help but find the need to order some for my stock nice for the rotation does have some bite ifprovoked so smoke this one slowly and enjoy.

Cleaners & Cleaning Supplies - Halcyon II Wax 1oz
easy to use and really puts on a shine

Cleaners & Cleaning Supplies - Deniclean Stem Cleaner
stick to pipe masters
not impressed with the cleaning ability. Weak at best and had to follow up with pipe master to get residue out anyhow.

Dan Tobacco - Treasures of Ireland: Shamrock 50g
dry but not bad smoke
This one will require further tasting at a later date needs a little rehydration as it is a hot burner and gets bitter and harsh. Can't really say I taste the Irish in this one but I like a little coffee in my Irish when having coffee, but overall not a bad smoke does lake a nic hit for the most part.

Erik Stokkebye 4th Generation - 1957 1.4oz
wonderful room note
The tin nose is really nice not too overpowering yet there in force. The false light let me in on the rest of the bowl the room note is amazing, and the taste gets better as the bowl burns to halfway. If you get it hot, the result is a wet dottle of substantial mass, and nasty bite. It needs some breathing time on the board to get to the real flavor of this one. Not as nice as 1Q, but its good The tobacco is nice moist beautiful ribbons of enjoyable smoke. I will buy again 57 was a good year anyhow.

Mac Baren - 7 Seas Gold 3.5oz
pleasant smoke
I was scared when I opened the tin as the smell is a bit on the fruit side and have had some bad luck with the citrus blends, let it breath on the leather mat for 15 minutes loaded a bowl and set to enjoying the flavor, rich mellow and not fruity and chemically. Easy on the tongue and nice with coffee and a book.Great unwind at the end of a long day.

Tampers & Tools - John Aylesbury Midnight Blue Pipe Tool
solid as it gets
First thing I noticed was the package was really nice for a tamper, upon opening the second thing was the weight this tamper is a solid beefy tamper. Easy to just let the tampers weight do all the work when tamping even going as far as to gently set into the ash rather than letting it free fall a bit. Beautiful finish and functions nicely pick and reamer are slightly loose in the frame but by no means sloppy,and easy to tighten so I am impressed.

Vauen - Zeppelin 50g
traded up
Had purchased the Jubilee some time ago and it was too much fruit so a trade was made with a fellow Jarhead and walah I found this blend to be much more my speed. I may have grown away from aromatics more lately and finding I like the flavor more toward coffee or vanillas and whiskey and not the fruits,

Vauen - Oxford Blend 50g
Very nice flavor full heavy smoke, I traded a can of Shire for Oxford and my is it pleasant with a cup of coffee in the evening before or after a meal

Tobacco Jars - Medium CVault Humidified Tobacco Container
keeps tobacco fresh
Most of my tobac is in jars but for my favorite daily I have 3 of these little beauties and they keep just the right humidity in your blend. The construction is great and the seal is wide enough to maintain air tight status, a bit pricey but whats your favorite smoke worth to you?

Cleaners & Cleaning Supplies - B. J. Long Regular Pipe Cleaners (100 pack)
as good as a pipe cleaner gets
What can you say about a pipe cleaner they absorb nicely and fit those tight stems that tapers seem to push the limits of abusing your stems while scrubbing, keep a good stock of both BJ Longs cleaners always.

John Cotton's - Number 1 1.75oz
Have been smoking a pipe for a few months now and hadn't smoked an English till now. I love the full flavor with the Lat kick I am understanding the nickick more as I am smoking this bowl as I type. Not necessarily a first bowl of the day tobac for me but late nite rain or gentle snow I feel its a great choice.

Savinelli - Armonia 50g
Nice citrus
Smells great in the tin when you first open it, nice texture and moisture and the aroma just gets better on the mat breathing. First draw was smooth and fresh not like others I have noticed a rank chemical smell or that of burning orange peels, nice for an after diner smoke

McConnell - Code: Relax 100g
too sweet
Might just be me but seems a bit sweeter than my taste buds like did just open the tin today so I will give it time its nose dictates finer smoking in a month. Decided to try again after some jartime and results were as I expected, If you like citrus might be a good smoke, but not for me. Have ghosted too many pipes with unacceptable palate, no more for this cowboy.

Tobacco Jars - 2-Liter CVault Humidified Tobacco Container
Lots of room for more goodies love the capacity as others barely acomedate 4 ounces this one handles your favorite pound.

Tampers & Tools - Brigham Pipe Reamer
simple works well
gets the job done well for an inexpensive reamer

Lane Limited - BCA
another great from Lanes
Found the nose to be pleasant, but a little deceptive extremely mild with little nickick which I found myself missing.

Cleaners & Cleaning Supplies - Pipemaster Clean and Cure 2oz
clean and fresh
the best I have used for defunking the pipes

Stands & Pouches - Claudio Albieri Leather Cleaners Holder Russet
yes a place for all
I need to be organized and the pipe cleaner storage is an old problem. Holds an adequate supply of cleaners and looks great, nicely stitched and very good quality leather.

Lane Limited - LL-7
knock your hat in the creek
Nice nose from the tin and doesn't disappoint with the first puff. Sweet but not overpowering nice burn rate just the right moisture, between 1Q and this one I and at a deadlock love em both

Pipe Tools & Supplies - Rockwell Binge Pipe Tool
Macgyver tamper
Your set with this one, has all the whistles and bells and is functional corkscrew was flopping but a slight bend and it stays in place nicely, it goes on the key chain today and maybe I will never be without a tamping again.

Ashtrays - Glass 1 Pipe Oval Ashtray
not as heavy as I hoped for
Not like the 2 place solid glass model. Not the trays issue but the relationship my cat has with ashtrays. He is a bully and likes to beat the snot out of my ashtrays (ceramic is out) so its nicely made but lighter glass and possibly more fragile. It will go in a safer location writing this review he has launched it twice, it is durable so far. Any one want to trade a nice pipe for a Maine Coon kitten?

Pipe Accessories - Neerup Leather Tobacco Mat Chestnut
gotta get another one now
Just received my mat and its perfect for home or for travel. Stitching is nicely done and leather quality is really top notch. Quality and price can,t be beat. Need a second one for the car for travel

Vauen - Jubilee 50g
little jack horner
Smells like plum cake when mom got carried away with the rum and plum really fruity tin and another half bowl and let it be. Hope this one like the Vauen Evening time will heal all wounds. Not anything like Shire but I will give it a chance besides its just wrong to waste especially tobacco.

Vauen - Auenland The Shire Evening Mixture 50g
this one has to age
tried some made it through half bowl in a meerschaum and decided it needs to breath as much as I do. Hope time will tell may change opinion later. Came back to try again after a week sitting in a jar loose and it got worse. I remember the old apple emergency cannabis pipe, now I know the outcome with citrus is a no go chemical taste you can't ignore and it really ruins a briar with a foul ghost that may need some time to clear if it ever does.

Gifts - Smokingpipes Commuter Mug (Red)
Nice cup goes in microwave and dishwasher great quality but needs to be larger, you run out of coffee half way through a slow bowl.

Filters & Adaptors - Savinelli 6mm Balsa Filters (20 Count)
Balsa sponges
Love the fact they do not alter the taste or draw any and really absorb the moisture well. An absolute must with Savinelli Dry System pipes never get bite however I usually smoke mild tobaccos and don't locomotive smoke. I'll admit I am a light weight but am new to smoking and have been dabling into the stronger blends so with that said and having just ordered 100 lot of these little beauties time and stronger smoke will tell.

Filters & Adaptors - Adsorba 9mm Filters (30 pack)
fit Peterson well
These filters are much better fit to a Peterson than the Vaun filters I had around time will tell with the smoke quality and duration before changing them out.

Stands & Pouches - Antique Brown Folding 1 Pipe Pouch
budget minded
The finish is really quite nice for a less expensive bag. Could be a bit longer but I have just had to work around it. Overall the quality is amazing and the finish is great as I have never liked finished leather shows scuffs and this one they just adds to the rugged good looks. Great buy and have recommended it to friends.

Tampers & Tools - John Aylesbury Pipe Tool
Love it
This tamper is made like a quality pocket knife the attention to detail is obvious by the fit of the wood handles. The long pick is surely nice for the deep reach and the foot fits most bowls really well.

Home Fragrance - Smoke Odor Exterminator Candle Clothesline Fresh 13oz
works but
This candle works to eliminate smoke odor but is a little too perfumey for my likes, the citrus is my choice.

Cleaners & Cleaning Supplies - B. J. Long Regular Tapered Pipe Cleaners (100 pack)
well made
Great pipe cleaners as they don't shed like some and the taper is nice as they fit most stems snug enough to remove more crud. Thumbs up

Ashtrays - Glass Round 2 Pipe Ashtray
Fantastic look
Love the weight of this ashtray as my cat has taken numerous others out sliding across the table. The weight of this one it can hold its own plus it looks nice in the middle of my desk with a pipe cradled in place.

Borkum Riff - Bourbon Whiskey 1.5oz
not what I remember
The old flavor isn't there or my taste has changed it has been a few years but not as good as traditional Borkum.

Borkum Riff - Cherry Liqueur 1.5oz
not my kind of aftertaste too artificial tasting

Vauen - Italian Blend 50g
Quad shot of coffee
Strong tin and first puff says it all coffee and a smoke or coffee and coffee, very impressive flavor without a bad aftertaste, good mix with 1Q Lanes, everyone likes a little creme and sugar in their coffee.

Stands & Pouches - Erik Stokkebye 4th Generation Zipper Pouch Hunter Brown
flawless pouch
I agree with John H. this pouch is by far the best priced quality pouch I have found with the zip top and lined interior your favorite smoke is safe inside the pouch.

Sutliff - 208 Apple
smells great smokes nice
Kind of like tastes great less filling. Smoked a bowl and found myself looking for some tobacco with a little more nicotine kick nice overall though. Good mixer with a nice Latakia for the kick.

Mac Baren
Vanilla Flake 1.75oz

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Mac Baren
Vanilla Cream 3.5oz

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