Cornell & Diehl - Haunted Bookshop Cake 2oz
Thank you C&D
Haunted Bookshop is my top one tobacco ever ,impecable taste and now in cake???awwww.please release it in bulk too.Blessed be )O(

G. L. Pease - Stonehenge Flake 2oz
Just like the namesake
First tings first ,i would give ten stars if there were so many ,this blend deserve it.Just like the real Sonehenge the sacred place is a most holy place of learning ,so as this blend tought me something ;NEVER JUST READ A NEGATIVE COMMENT AND GO BY IT!!!TRY YOURSELF!!This is the main teaching ofSonehenge Flake .At opening the tin the scent wasnt something to brag about yet the promise was there .I smoked it in a mershaum ,it was a revelatory smoke ,lovely prunish like taste mixed with dried fruits and aged Virginia ,and Burley ,the Perique is just in perfect amount.I dont care how many eyebrows are going to arch but this blend remind me Germain-Stonehaven aka Rich DarkFlake.That is the only blend which is quite similar in taste and personality.I know that many will assume my opinion as heresy lol ,oh well what can i say im a Pagan )O( Sir Gregory and Sir Hoggarth ,you have my outmost respect ,and i congratulate you both ,great work gentelman ,thank you .My message to all who hesitate ;do try it dont be fooled by negative comments.

Cornell & Diehl - Sun Bear Black Locust 2oz
The Great Sun Bear War
Just calm eeribody ,i read on the tin the number 10.000 so it can be enough or all of us

Cobblestone - Chess King 1.75oz
I hate this blend!!!
Yes you hear me well ,i hate this blend.It is that kind of the sneaky complex which you just smoke bowl after bowl (because you just felt some weirdly nice tase and you want o feel it once more)than you came into the flow of some smoothness and when you think that you are arrived in the"zone"puff!!the pipe is empty!!!Ok no matter another bowl ,hmm it shows something new something interresting and you want to arrive to the bottom of the matter ...and so on and so on,,,i received my tin two days ago and half of it is gone!!This blend me the end of me ...Please stay away of this blend if you want to keep your mental faculties.

Erik Stokkebye 4th Generation - Evening Flake
Agree with Adam
I can agree with every words of Adam.There is not too much that i can add,it is a masterful blend ,supreme quality same shelf with the Germains anytime(maybe is better for the absent hype ,at least this way will be available readily.

Savinelli - Juno 2oz
Praise to the Goddess Juno
This blend is worthy indeed to grace the great Goddess Juno ,with it elegance but also loving and warm ,it brings a feeling like being huged .At the first half it felt like i already knew this blend inspite of having it for first time ,the feeling of home and comfort serene calmnessa and beauty no wonder it honors the Goddess of mariage /home /motherhood.Whenever i smoke this blend it graces Her.Hail Juno

Warped - The Haunting 2oz
Worthy for all the Worlds
I received my first tin today,and few minutes after the miracle begun.Light ciger notes of the best kind ,magickal subtle nuances awirling around and as my pipe continues the strength of this blend start to show up .Wow by all the Gods this is a strong smoke and i have to slow down.It teaches me the right rithm ,what an amazing blend .It earned my highest recomendation ,five stars ,no less .Thank you Jeremy and Kyle for this beauty.

McConnell - 5 Year Matured Virginia 50g
Dont buy it
Tasteless,do not even try it ,not worth it ,dont stuck up on it just turn around and leave .I wll take care of this nuisance by buying all of it in order to save you .

Mac Baren - HH Pure Virginia 1.75oz
MacBaren!I love you !
Another MacBaren jewel.Tasty ,zesty,subtly sweet,never harsh ,slow burning goodness.Rub out esily ,doesnt need too many relights.Weird thing is each bowl takes me elsewhere ,with each bowl i dicover something new.Thank you Per Jensen.Highly recomended to all pipe smokers.

Amphora - Virginia Blend 1.75oz
I"ve never thought that i will give five stars to an Amphora blend ,but i just did .After seeng Shane Ireland"s interview with the CEO of Amphora ,i thought ill give it a shot (he said that A has been changed for higher quality)It is true the blend takes light easily and burns very well to a proverbial white ash.Very zesty Virginia taste with no detectable toppings .I can imagine this as an eminent candidate for ageing .My only reservation is the packing aka the pouch.My tobacco was quite dry and i had to rehydrate it .So now whenever i receive new pouches i just jar them right away (i strongly advise you do do the same).Highly recomended.

Cornell & Diehl - Carolina Red Flake with Perique 2oz
Ten Stars
The Carolina Red Flake is the absolute smoke ,the absolute virginia as it cam from the blessed hand of God Tabaldak(Native American God of Tobacco)i thought it cannot be anything better than this .Well there is The Carolina Red with Perique .This fulfills my ever dream that i havent even dreamed yet.This is the bulls eye ,and i have to practice tremendous patience not to smoke all what i have .Jeremy !May all the Gods bless you man1you brought me so much bliss and happiness.Well done Master of Tobacco! P.S.all those who rated this perfection less than five stars are just grudging the fact that they couldnt purchase more.

Cornell & Diehl - After Hours Flake 2oz
Love at first puff
I agree completley with ThomasR .What else can i add to it ?I"m not an aro smoker at all,however this masterfully cased flake just proved once for all that an aro can be delicious .Only problem is that i arrived so fast to the bottom of my tin,i wish it would be available in bulk.This flake bears my highest recomendation.

Chacom - #4 50g
Shane Ireland was right
A beautiful new flake on the offering ,noble Virginias ,the topping is just barely comes out in the begining ,the aging potentials are limitless.First i meet this blend by watching the Soking,Youtube channel ;Tasting Notes ,presented by Shane Ireland (we have quite similar taste so i thrust his opinion)however he said that once people are aware how good this flake is there will be shortage in the supply.And behold;"Out of stock"I highly recomend this blend ,even for just sellering ,with time it will be priceless.

Cornell & Diehl - Sun Bear 2oz
Thank you Jeremy
Rejoyce it is back again ,the happiest tobacco moment of the year (for me)This blend is the very top of the top line .No other like this ,so it is standing alone as the best C&D blend of all times .Thank you Jeremy Reeves ,bless you man!brought me so many happy moments .

Cornell & Diehl - Carolina Red Flake with Perique 2oz
Long life to rthe King of blenders
Jeremy Reeves is the king of the blenders .Such beautiful blends like Sun=Bear and all the small batch series.Ive learned that whenever some small batch comes out,i just automatically order ,period..At opening the tin ,fresh smell of doe and just underneath subtle resin/fig/prune.Perfect moist level,pack fine in the pipe doesnt matter what methode you are using(i use the Frank methode)Takes the flame easily.The taste:how can you put in words the taste of the "goodness"?or the taste of the place where fruits are dried ,or an old Hobbit woman making a cake with resins?(sorry im a die hard Tolkien devouty)it smokes cool and slow .You can smoke it fast i guess but why would you do that?Best enjoyed is to draw just sippets(if that is a word)and enjoy it while you sitting in your library or by the campfire if you visit the Elves,or smoke it with a Hobitt company while telling stories.Fair warning ;dont smoke it walking cause it would impair your response time and you risk to be hit by a car or impacting lamp posts lol.The pipe im smoking is a Savinelly 623 Roma.Highest recomendation .

Mac Baren - Burley: London Blend 3.5oz
Pure joy
First things first i dispise all aromatic tobaccos ,im smoking only natural .However one day i watched Shane Irelands presentation on youtube about this blend and he highly recomanded to all who love Burley.Goddess was he right!!!The initial dark chocolate taste slowly fade or transforme in heavenly Burley taste and you wish you can stop the time and this pipe to never finish.Im almost at the bottom of my tin and im terrified cause i know that it was only one run .Can anyone tell me what is similar to this?Can i recomend it?NO!!!STAY AWAY OF IT !!I WANT ALL FOR MYSELF!!(sobbing noises)

Sutliff - 507C Virginia Slices
only 3.79 stars???
Ive heard of this blend of Sargent Savinelli and i gave a half smile go (im a die hard Burley guy)and man i was in for a surprize .Awesome zesty Virginias ,i dont really sense any topping also very taste consistent slow burning right to the white ash.Being immune to tongue bite i cant tell that it has any.Sutliff lately is coming strong ,very well done Sutliff i already ordered more because whoever taste it will order more too and soon it will be out of stock .No kidding this is a really boom and i bet that it will be so popular like the 6,5 Creedmore amongst hunters.

Cornell & Diehl - Sun Bear 2oz
Stolen from Elfenheim
I bought my tin when it was available and i was lucky to get one.Ok i thought it will be some light aromatic(i dont smoke aromatics)so i didnt payed too much atention,i decided that i will open my tin at the Yule celebration 21st of December(i am Pagan).Now is Yule ,i just opened the tin ....myghty Gods!!!Jeremy Reeves went to Alfanheim where the Elves lives and stole this tobacco from there or it was gifted to him to share.The humidity of the tobacco is perfect ,works out easily,but the smell and aroma of it is something never experienced before,i just can not fathom the mind which composed these tastes together .I read other reviews saying that taste "floral"or "honey",what that even mean.The taste i can describe is like the embodyment of "Goodness" of elegance however nothing foreign from the tobacco leaf ,it taste like tobacco leaf grown in Fae-land .Bless you Jeremy and thank you for this jewel, and if it would be six stars i would give it .

Cornell & Diehl - Derringer 2oz
Loving embrace
Well now after a tin and ordered bulk this is definetley a gem of my rotation.I cant even begun to imagine this with some age .That will be a really difficult tasc since i smoke it so doften.Thank you for his wonderful gift Cornel&Diehl,Jeremy Reeves and Smoking pipes,com.Love love ya"all

A&C Petersen - Escudo Navy Deluxe 50g
The Royal Va-Per
After so many glowing reviews finally i pulled the trigger and ordered a tin.When i opened it the very first impression was mazement,coins neatly arrange in circle like flower petals (not just showeled in the tin.Tin note ;purest Virginia goodness married with perfect amount of Perique.I left the rubbed coin to breathe for few minutes (perfect moisture levell straight out of the tin)i lit up the pipe and.......orgastic nasal feeling couls shivers the Gods this is just awesome smoking it when i write this review and im afraid that it will be no chance of aging.Highly highly recomended.

Cornell & Diehl - Old Joe Krantz Blue Label
i adore America
I received my test 4 oz just now and after just half of a bowl i can tell that this reached my heart just as Haunted Bookshop.This blend would made with me to an un-inhabitad island for sure .The description is precise ,slow burning /cool with all the Burley goodness and when i close my eyes i see myself in the beloved USA sitting on the porch of Old Joe Krantz himself on a nice summer evening with crickets music and smoking this blend.thank you Cornell and Diehl.

Cornell & Diehl - Derringer 2oz
classic gun
Ive heard first of this blend out of Jeremy Reeves himself .I was watching the youtube chanell of smoking pipes dot com and Jeremy was asked by Shane Ireland to name some under rated blends and he came out of this .Of course a word out of Jeremy should be taken very seriously ,so i ordered a tin.Mighty Goddess what a nice fragrance just straight out of the tinnice prune-ish smell,so plesant .It burns very well ash turning white right away and the taste somewhat reminds me The Dream of Kadath,something prunish -fig-ish ,it is like a little Perique is added to this blend .Smokes dry and slow.I smoke in a pipe made by myself ,a vulcano with military stem.Tongue bite?I cant say anything about it because i just cant have it by any kind of tobacco ,ive never even experienced it(some say that it is due to my inate proclivity to pipe smoking)however Thank you Jeremy for this miraculous blend (among all the others)and i can just highly highly recomend it .

Cornell & Diehl - Shandygaff
Thank you Jeremy
Ive heard of this blend straight of the master Jeremy Reeves in a video as guest of Smoking youtube channel.Talking with Shane Ireland,Jeremy was sayng that this blend is veryover looked and under rated .Ok of course i take Jeremy and Shanes word and i pulled the trigger on it .Goddess!!! was it worth it ,i dare to say that this was one of my fav blend of the summer .Bless you Jeremy and thank you Smokingpipes .Highly ,highly recomended.

Sutliff - Crumble Kake Red Virginia 1.5oz
Sutliff on rise
Today i received my tin,and right after a bowl i can tell that i am charmed .Zesty vivid taste ,slow burning awesomeness .ahh hail God Tabaldak(Native American God of Tobacco)i wrote that Sutliff is on arise and by the Gods it is .The Sobranie 759 was ,is an amazing blend indeed and now the red kake .I am a Burley lover so this high regard to a Virginia means something.I can only highly recommend it.P.S I just wanted to order some more and it is already sold out!I wonder why.

G. L. Pease - Union Square 2oz
Wonderful smoke ,i am irrevocably in love with Gregory"s masterpieces .So much magick in this blend ,i can only strongly recomend it .

Sutliff - 515 RC-1
Quest for the best
I received it just today my 4oz.The positive reviews inspired me to try this leaf and by the Gods is it delicious.Right after i finish my review i will order more .The taste is like aged tobacco which made me think that will age extremely well ,moisture just perfect out of the tin/pouch in my case .Lits easily ,about the infamous tongue bite ?i honestly cant say anything because i cant get tongue bie from any thing (i tried hardly to experience it just to know the "enemy".Highly highly recomended.

Grand Croupier - Double Down
Cant stop giggling when i read my beloved fellow pipe brothers review of this blend.All of the contains everoften the word surprize,hahahaweird how all of us was expecting something mediocre or worse.Mine burns beautifully leaving white ash.Very nice tastes the bittersweet sour goodness all the way .What a find !

Cornell & Diehl - Shandygaff
the girl i use to know
This blend is like a girl that i use to know as a kids and years later we meet and just instant delight .I approve this hidden masterpiece.

Mac Baren - Golden Extra
First i ordered only two ounces than more and more ,i am almost out of this manna ,and yeah im in panick,...out of stock?horrible...please get more!!!I would give six stars if it were six the maximum.

Cornell & Diehl - Dreams of Kadath 2oz
Pure Pipegasm
Today i received my tin and i opened it just one hour an hour of age on it .Mighty Gods ...just aaahhhh...ahhh.i cant believe the out of this world flagrance of the noblest leafs .Wonderful arome .this is now my absolute nr1 BY FAR!!!!!

Cornell & Diehl - Mad Fiddler Flake 2oz
Gift from the Gods
I knew soon as it arrived that it will be something exellent cause of the maker ,but when i opened the tin ....ahhhh mighty Gods it was amazing ,rich tastes ,a little reminded me of the Fusiliers Ration from HH also a little like PlumPudding ,but different is like something new in this reality but ancient from the stars.Goddess i dont even knoe what im talking about .See?the effect of the Mad FiddlerFive star from the start (i dont know why the cursor didnt went all the way and i coiuldnt postpone the action)Anyways im addicted and i want to try all the mebersof the Old Ones series

Cornell & Diehl - Sunset Harbor Flake 2oz
hiding jewel
By all means i completley agree with my fellow pipe-smokers who wrote very nice complementary reviews,SHF absolutely deserve 5 stars also i would rejoice if it would be available in bulk

Daughters & Ryan - Picayune 40g
Oh yessss
Delicious creation ,complex and elegant ,full of secrets to be discovered

Daughters & Ryan - Two Timer Gold 3.5oz
Nice surprize
I dont care others opinion ,this tobacco especially at this prise is superb ,well it was dry when i opened it ,i smoked a pipe straight away in spite of that (im a Burley guy )nice subtle nutty notes,ok ,than i rehumidified it and yay!!!expressed Burley notes very well rounded ,i am more than satisfied with this tobacco .Thank you D&R i absolutely recommend it to a beginer or an expert either .My rating (considering the price tag &volume)is five star

Cornell & Diehl - Riverboat Gambler 2oz
Another Runowsky gem,vibrant taste and strenght in one .of course i will buy more ,i love it so much that i carved a special smaller chamber diameter pipe to inhibit the amount of smoked tobacco lol

Cornell & Diehl - Americana 2oz
hiding jewel
Awesome hidden jewel indeed.I like to dwell into the unknown and meeting the Americana was just like a dream from a previous life ,somehow took me to the twenties USA absolute timetravell

G. L. Pease - Quiet Nights 2oz
Flawlessness ..should be called "Beautiful or Wonderful Nights,whenever i smoke this blend my experience reach spiritual heights .Thank you Gregory .Oh and i am on the same page with PipeCat ,in love with this blend but safely i can say that all of GL Pease tobaccos tried were just out of this world and im on the mission to try all of them .Long life to Gregory Pease and thank you Smoking Pipes

G. L. Pease - Gaslight 2oz
Gaslight was the begining of my sweet romance with GLPease tobaccos ,i enjoyed each of them with no exeption of Gas Light ,fantastic ,like a slow dance with this plug as she opens up ,filling and teasing my all senses ,after the charing light ...i just lean back close my eyes and listen the whisper of Gas Light "I love you "

G. L. Pease - Robusto 2oz
Oh yessss
I received my tin richt one hour ago and when i opened... sweet Mother Goddess ... the awesome rainbow of fragrances of Faery land ...light and ...mmmm im floating away with the smoke ,what a masterpiece ,it is like a Wagner opera yeah Gregory Pease is the Wagner of Tobacco,perfect ballance ,hidden nuances ,im sipping it slowly ..mmm thank you Gregory ...i love you GL.Pease

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Brown Bogie
I dont understand why is not mentioned that this tobacco was Humphry Boggart(i hope i spelt his name correctly)The to bacco of the real MAN cant wait to be available

Daughters & Ryan - Cockstrong 3.5oz
hiding jewel
Got it today ,made quick some Tetley tea mmmm what a nice pair ,best choice for a Burley lover and the price ..mmmm very very yummy

Seattle Pipe Club - Plum Pudding 2oz
Fantastic outstanding one of its kind blend

Hearth & Home - Magnum Opus 1.75oz
The absolute one
Hail the King Russ Oulette.i am a great fan of him ,in my opinion hi is the one most talented Master Blender alive .All hail and long life to the King!!

Cornell & Diehl - Tuggle Hall
hiding jewel
As hopelessly in love with the Burley Faery i just apreciate the Burley forwardness

Cornell & Diehl - Old Joe Krantz
Respectful tobacco and tribute to the great Bob
Thi is definetley the Mens smoke ,the su burnt unsinged heroes of everyday rural work ,tribute to those who produce the food for all.Blessed be Bob

Cornell & Diehl - Epiphany
A revelation of mine too
Complex ,nice ,somehow serious and deep

Cornell & Diehl - Cube Cut Burley
My sweet romance with MsBurley
awesome smoke

Cornell & Diehl - Burley Ribbon Cut
My sweet romance with MsBurley
It is one of the finest Burley ive ever had ,just submerged my pipe int my jar ...with the tip of the finger sweep the exess,and She take me by hands on a sweet trip .Best soked in the morning with a coffe ..mmm

Sutliff - 523 Voodoo Queen
hiding jewel
Finding a hidden treasure is always delightful ,and this is one of them ,please people dont buy it cause i want it to be always available for myself lol

Hearth & Home - Black House 1.75oz
Five Star
Russ is the supreme no doubt i just wish that this awesome tobacco will be available soon

Hearth & Home - WhiteKnight 1.75oz
Awesomeness tinned
When i opened the tin it was quite dry so rehumidify it a little than i packed my pipe,little soft flame and .....sweet Mother Goddess Russ !!!bless you was a taste which i might experienced it in another life ,stramgely familiar yet of course new .I am quasi novice pipe smoker(pipe maker)this smoke was just fenomenal ,voluminous gentle noble ,i can just sang its prays on and on .I love it so much that to prevent the quick demise of the entire tin i made a dedicated small bowl pipe for it.I can only strongly recomand it to anyone novice or adepth too.By the way last month i recieved my Bronze Badge of the tobacco connoasseurs(those who tried 20 different tobaccos are ranked this way)Wishing you all a blessed happy New Year and lots of happy smokes Angus

Missouri Meerschaum
Luminaire 2oz

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Old Gowrie 50g

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Marlin Flake 100g

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Bird's Eye Flake 50g

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Cross Grain Flake 50g

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Dan Tobacco
The Mallard 50g

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States of Virginia 1.5oz

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Elizabethan Mixture 50g

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5 Year Matured Virginia 50g

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Cornell & Diehl
Carolina Red Flake 2oz

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Cornell & Diehl
Sun Bear 2oz

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G. L. Pease
Haddo's Delight 2oz

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G. L. Pease
Cumberland 2oz

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Mac Baren
Burley: London Blend 3.5oz

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Cornell & Diehl

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Cornell & Diehl
Haunted Bookshop

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Mac Baren
Golden Extra

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Cornell & Diehl
Dreams of Kadath 2oz

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Daughters & Ryan
Picayune 40g

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G. L. Pease
Robusto 2oz

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G. L. Pease
Key Largo 2oz

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Mac Baren
HH Latakia Flake 1.75oz

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G. L. Pease
Gaslight 2oz

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G. L. Pease
Quiet Nights 2oz

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