Kaelan S.

Cornell & Diehl - Pirate Kake 2oz
A Favourite
This tobacco is one of my favourites. If you love Latakia, give it a shot. The crumble kake really helps the flavor profile and to keep the moisture higher so it doesn't dry out. I don't even jar this stuff, just keep it in the container. It's not so much of that "campfire" Latakia taste as it is that mossy, damp, woody, nature-like taste. Which is exactly the Latakia taste I look for. It is somewhat similar to Ten Russians, but there definitely is a difference between the two blends and Pirate Kake is much, much better. Some people have talked about tongue bite, but I have not experienced this. I assume because it is in a crumble kake that the moisture content can initially be high, so maybe dry it a little before smoking to avoid steam/tongue bite. Enjoy!