Art B.

Cornell & Diehl - Granulated Perique
Good stuff
Adding Perique to your tobacco is like adding pepper to your food, add too much and you can spoil it. I do believe this is pretty good quality. Good moisture.

Peter Stokkebye - PS403 Luxury Bullseye Flake
Not for me
I got 1 oz. On sale. Smells pretty good in the bag, mild and light sweetness. Had a hard time lighting it because of high moisture. Dried at room temp for 3-4 hours at 85 degrees outside. Lights better now and crushed. Too much Perique for me, it irratetes the lining of mouth. Mild sweetness. I will only use it as a mixer with Cavendish.

Sillem's - Black 100g
Mmm nice
Nice colors, nice floral fruit aroma in the tin. Semi sweet, not too strong. Hidden hints of sage in the smoke. The smoke is velvety but not thick, and somewhat Smokey but not strong like the London blend is. Lights well only re lit onece towards the end. This is gonna be one of my favs.

Sillem's - European Blend: London 50g
Way too much latakia for me.
The tin arrived without the black label. Too bad I collect the tins. It was hard to open, I used a pocket knife. The blend has nice colors from black, dark brown, too light gold. The tin note smells like plastic?. The blend has a Smokey flavor but just a hint of fruit? in the back. Upon reaching the middle of the bowl, a shy floral note creeps in, and leather pepper is sprinkled on the tongue, not bad. Starting to get a little buzz. Nice thick creamy smoke. The end of the bowl has more profound leather n pepper on the tip of tongue. This blend was smoked on a Rossie pipe was best lit with lighter not matches. After smoking this my clothes smell like I walked out a bbq pit. Best used as a blender in small amounts.

Sandblasted Squat Acorn

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Stand Up Sabbiata (2863) (9mm)

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Quercia (115 JU)

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Kaga Sandblasted (901)

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