Jess S.

Lighters - Kiribi Kabuto Mizo Black Matte
It's hard to imagine a more reliable lighter than this one. It rarely fails to strike, it has the best wind resistance you can ask for in a butane lighter, the hardware works well, on top of making a very pleasing sound when you open and close it, it's heavy in the hand and feels very premium. I personally think these lighters are a better choice than an old boy because they have a 30% larger tank. The pipe tool that comes in an old boy lighter is an inferior one to pretty much any other pipe tool you can find, so there's no significant value added there. Kiribi makes a muc better choice and gives you a larger tank, which means you are far less likely to run out of fuel on a trip or something like that. AND it's it's about half the price of the cheapest Old Boy. I rest my case.

Cornell & Diehl - Five O'Clock Shadow 2oz
If you like Perique...
I meant to give it three stars, but once you input a certain number of stars, you can't change it. (That might explain why I sometimes see raving reviews with only three stars). Anyway, this blend is good if you like perique, but if you are more on the Virginia side of the VaPer spectrum, I would suggest something else. I basically taste almost all perique with a touch of Virginia, and the burly is barely perceptible at all. It's not bad, but it's not one I'm going to be reaching for, since I generally like my VaPers with a moderate to mild amount of perique.

Mac Baren - Vanilla Roll Cake 3.5oz
There are different kinds of vanilla. There is the cheap vanilla ice cream type, then there is the fresh baked cookie just taken out of the oven kind of vanilla. That is what this kind is. The vanilla is strong in the tin and light when smoked, and I wouldn't mind if it were a little bit stronger when smoked, but the other tobaccos that are here are of such high quality that I don't mind! Also, quite a few Mac Been (non-HH line) tobaccos bite me, but not this one. I could hardly GET it to bite me!

Cornell & Diehl - Cordial
A Go-to
This was the blend that got me interested in English blends. It has plenty of that lot of Kia and Oriental spice to it, but also quite a bit of sweetness underneath all of that. What is more I've gotten plenty of positive comments on the room note! Takes just a little bit more effort to get lit than I would like, but once it's going, it's going! Smoke school, and I can't believe that something this good is in bulk!