About Me:
I’m husband and a father of a 2 year old who already has a atraction to my pipe collection. I love Radice Peterson Musico and Jacono pipes

Cornell & Diehl - Oak Alley 2oz
Had to give it time
Few years ago I got 8oz tins both had a little bit of mold . The moisture content was a bet high lol. Smoking pipes.com allowed me to keep and refunded my money. Not one to be wasteful attempted to salvage as much as I could and allowed it to air dry spread out on a tray . A few years later no more problems all I have is some really nicely age tobacco. The Virginia is great as always coming from C&D . All I can really say is give this a try , and if you can put it up and forget about it for a few years it’s worth wait

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Brown Twist
Can’t get enough
This as well as brown boggie my be my all time favorite smoke. After ending my 2 pack a day cigarette habit and accidentally picking up pipe smoking I was introduced to this blend early on. Due to my already large tolerance to nicotine this aspect of the blend never bother me. The flavor is wonderful and requires due to its cut a little less prep time. Can’t recommend this blend enough and is a go to all day blend for me!

G. L. Pease - Windjammer 2oz
I’m lovin it
I’m always excited when GLP drops a new blend however I was a bit let down over the last two. Not this one , not at all. In fact I’m having a hard time putting it down . Many will review this blend and provide a more thorough review, I just want to say I recommended giving it a try. If you like haddos delight you’ll love this more!

Cornell & Diehl - Carolina Red Flake with Perique 2oz
I’m sure
Carolina read Flake may be my favorite blend of all time I’m sure, without tasting, this will be beyond amazing. C&D always produces and provides some of the best American blends and I can’t wait to receive this . I will let it set for at least a year and I expect to be blown away

Rind Hawkbill with Faux Bamboo

Currently Out of Stock
    Around The Burl: Radice
  • ► I have three Radices and my fourth on the the way . I have officially become a Radice fanatic! They are by far my favorite pipes. I hope you guys get some more Hawkbills especially the ones with more of a bend in the shank , like the ruby colored one in the video. Thanks for the video I watch it from time to time and enjoy it more each time
    Cornell & Diehl Releases Small Batch Sun Bear
  • ► Really looking forward to Sun Bear . Sansepolcro was great , Carolina Red Flake , IMO was by far the best blend to come out in 2018 it was beyond amazing I can’t say enough about how great it was, best Virginia blend ever that’s correct I said it CRF best Virginia blend ever . Expecting another great blend out of honey bear can’t wait for it to arrive. Keep up the great work guys !!!
    Smoking Is The Art
  • ► Bravo! All though short this was one of my favorite articles I’ve read on the pipe line . I completely agree with you on all points made.