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Balkan Sasieni - Balkan Sasieni 50g
The heavy Lat I've been seeking
I'm new to the world of premium pipe tobacco. I smoked one as a young man (mid 80s) before there was easy access to both products and information, so ended up buying the drug store offerings. My attention quickly waned and the old Doc Grabow was lost in the streams of time. I was fortunate, then, to wander into a pipe shop in Clayton, Mo. They fixed me up with a Comoy second and a tin of Dan Devil's Holiday and I was off and running. Thanks to this site I have now sampled some of the best tobacco I had ever tasted. I stayed with Dan for a while (it was what the shop carried) and discovered Gordon Pym and Bailey's Balkan. After that first taste of latakia the appeal of cased tobaccos diminished markedly. I have since sampled SG FVF and would much rather have the natural sweetness of the Virginia that the heavy flavorings. All that being said, I have been looking for a blend that maintained a strong lat presence throughout the smoke. In Balkan Sasieni I have found that. Cool burning with few relights needed, it satisfies without overwhelming. My only criticism, and it may be due to my underdeveloped palate, is it's one dimensional quality. Although the character of the smoke changes some as you work through the bowl, the change does not compare with the complexity of some other blends I've tried. I also find that I like the surging sweetness of the Virginia late in the bowl that I find in Bailey's Balkan that doesn't present here. That aside, this is definitely part of my rotation, but not an everyday smoke. I highly recommend this to anyone who craves a sustained Lat fix.

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