Cornell & Diehl - Bluegrass 2oz
I think this is my first blend that features Dark Fired Kentucky, and I can't say I'm disappointed. I really enjoy at the end of the day, right before my meal. This is a heavier blend that I could possibly smoke all day.

Seattle Pipe Club - Plum Pudding 2oz
VERY light
I would like to start by stating that I usually smoke very strong and robust blends like Nightcap, Crooner, Bluegrass, and Gentleman Caller. That being said, my palate is probably less sensitive than someone who smokes lighter aromatic blends more consistently (like my father who gets tons of flavor from this blend). This a great blend to smoke around people, as it has a very pleasant room note. The only problem for me is that it is light in flavor. That lightness however does make it a great blend to smoke all day, and the flavor is superb enough to encourage this function. But if you smoke a bowl of something stronger prior to this blend, you may not get as much out of it.

Cornell & Diehl - Bayou Morning 2oz
Dangerously good
This blend, is really good, and is pretty strong. This was my first endeavor into VaPers coming from mostly smoking english blends, and I am very satisfied, my only problem, is that I like it SO much that I tend to smoke it too quickly, usually getting bit a little. But other than my poor discipline, there are no complaints here.

Cornell & Diehl - Crooner 2oz
As soon as I open the tin, I am greeted by the aroma of cinnamon and spices. Truly compelling tin note. Stays lit for me well with very few re-lights, and is bursting with flavor. By far, the best room note in my opinion. The nic hit is strong and comes all at once. It doesn't sneak up on you. Will be buying in bulk from now on.

Dunhill - Nightcap 50g
Great for the last smoke of the day
Everything about this blend is fantastic! Packs/stays lit well, has a good moisture level out of the tin, doesn't bite (I smoke on the faster side), and it's so flavorful! It does have a heavy room note, but that isn't a con for me, and most people I am around like it. This is my go to evening tobacco, and is in my top 5 for sure!

Dunhill - Early Morning Pipe 50g
This is my go to blend after breakfast. It really is a great way to prepare for the day. Decently strong, and very flavorful.

Davidoff - English Mixture 50g
I actually like this blen a lot. I smoked cigars before I moved to the pipe, so this blend bridged the gap for me with a similar taste, but with the new skills involved with pipe smoking. I like the spicy flavor and strength, and for a while this was the blend I smoked every day after lunch. I guess I may be biased by nostalgia when I go back to it, but I really enjoy this blend and will always have some on hand.

Cornell & Diehl - Black Frigate 2oz
This is definately one of my top 5 blends and will probably never leave my rotation. Packs and stays lit well, and is very flavorful with little bite. Strong, with an AMAZING tin and room note. You can't go wrong with this one. It can be a great all day blend, or a tasty treat.

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Cornell & Diehl
Crooner 2oz

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