Jason M.

Peter Heinrichs - Reserve Crue No. 2 100g
Very Nice
This is a very nice aromatic. I've smoked it in briars and clays, and it smoked well in all options. In the shorter clay, the flavors were very bready, while in the longer clay they were sweeter, fruitier. I will say that my tin doesn't say anything about orange, but it says strawberry. The tin note is indeed strawberry, and it does come through in the flavor, but not strongly.

Peter Stokkebye - PS403 Luxury Bullseye Flake
A nice VA/Per, that ranges from grassy to breast as the bowl progresses. Definitely a staple in my cellar.

Cornell & Diehl - Sun Bear 2oz
Sun Bear...
...is a delicious blend, whether fresh or aged. I enjoyed the refreshing flavors of a new tin, and the deep flavors of an aged tin (I had one from last year).

Erik Stokkebye 4th Generation - 1982 Centennial Blend 1.4oz
Oh yeah!
This is an excellent aromatic. The tin note of blackberry and vanilla translates very well into the taste of the smoke. It's not overpowering or cloying; just an excellent smoke. I find it needs little to no drying time.

CAO - Eileen's Dream 50g
...maybe. I like all the flavors listed on the tin description, but together I didn't get much out of it. Everyone has different tastes, so take my review with a grain of salt, but I didn't really enjoy this blend. I tried it in briar, cob, and meerschaum; nothing worked for me.

Stanwell - Vanilla 50g
It's ok...
I like this better than a lot of other vanilla blends. It smokes well, but the vanilla gives way to a nuttiness faster than I'd like.

Erik Stokkebye 4th Generation - 1957 1.4oz
It's ok...
The vanilla isn't very strong. The smoking characteristics are good, so it smokes well. It's an ok smoke, but there are better, IMO.

Sutliff - Z92 Vanilla Custard
Pretty Good
Great aroma and flavor. Halfway down the bowl the flavor, for me, becomes peanut butter.

Lane Limited - Vanilla Black Cavendish
I really enjoy this tobacco. It stays cool and has its vanilla taste throughout the bowl.

Captain Black - Cherry 1.5oz
Yep, it's cherry...
...but the fake, chemical kind. It smells like cough syrup or cherry chapstick. I definitely tasted cherry while smoking, and it smoked cool and dry. But the taste is just...well, I won't buy again.

Cornell & Diehl - Jolly Old Saint Nicholas 2oz
I really like this blend. I find that it smells like a chocolate orange, with subtle hints of orange coming through in the smoke. The smoke is sweet with a mild spice in the background. As another reviewer said, I could smoke this year round.

John Aylesbury - Dragon Flake 50g
Is it the dragon's pearl?
I don't know, but it is good. I get a nice baking pie taste from it. I didn't like it folded and stuff; partially broken was better; but to me, fully rubbed out is best. Oh, and maybe give it some drying time; it comes fairly moist.

Peterson - Irish Dew 40g
I like this blend. It has a flakey pastry taste, with hints of berry notes, and a slight citrus note at first light. The taste is consistent with a slower cadence, but can get harsh if puffed to fast.

Rattray's - Marlin Flake 50g
Flakey Goodness
I'm new to flakes, so I tried this two ways: fold and stuff, and rubbed out. Both ways smoked well, but I found stronger flavor by rubbing it out. The best way I can describe the flavor is savory. Sipping the tobacco produced the best flavor and no bite. If I smoked it hard it would bite the back of my throat.

Vauen - Oxford Blend 50g
Tea, Earl Grey...
If you enjoy a cup of hot Earl Grey, you will probably enjoy this. It burns slow and cool, when sipped. The flavor remains throughout the bowl. It does need some drying time, I found, and even then required a few relights. I like this blend a lot, and will be buying more.

Peterson - Sweet Killarney 50g
Sweet and Decent
Sweet Killarney is a nice, middle of the road tobacco. It isn't great, but it isn't bad, it's good. For me, with all the tobacco to try out there, it's not good enough to buy another tin.

Kramer's - Blend for Cary Grant
As an aromatic smoker venturing into the wide world of Englishes, I'm happy to say that I very much enjoy the sweet smokiness this offers.

Peterson - St. Patrick's Day 2018 50g
This tobacco really tastes like a freshly baked blackberry pie. It's not real strong, and I get the flavor best on the retrohale. Smoke this while drinking a cup of coffee for a winning combination!

Cornell & Diehl - Apricots and Cream
This blend is the epitome of "whatever floats your boat." Clearly others like the blend. I do not. The tin note is strong, with a sweet, boozy aroma. The tobacco burns hot and goopy, even while sipping it. A bitter taste crept into the last third of the bowl. I thought drying the blend would help, so I let the tobacco sit for about 30 minutes. No improvement. I left some out over night. That didn't work either. After four attempts, I throw in the towel.

Virginia Flake - 633 100g

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Cornell & Diehl
Sun Bear 2oz

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Cornell & Diehl
Jolly Old Saint Nicholas 2oz

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Irish Dew 40g

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Oxford Blend 50g

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St. Patrick's Day 2018 50g

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Nutty Hazel

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