Peter Stokkebye - PS84 Turkish Blend
Not for fast smokers
Time is of the essence with this one. It burns very quickly and must be controlled with a delicate draw. If not, it will scald the tongue or lips. Thus, due to is rate of burn, the nic-hit can be a surprise but not strong. Buttery, slightly sweet, lightly spicy, malty toward the bottom of the bowl, it's surprisingly and delicately complex. Disregard the negative write-ups on—the reviews here are true to the nature of the blend.

McClelland - Matured Virginia: Navy Cavendish 50g
The One
Red VA takes center stage and does not quit. Mild pepper and berry notes; occasionally deep, dark fruit notes; plenty of sweetness; just the right amount of roughness with the delicate VAs. When dried, this baby sings! Too bad it will never be made again. Farewell, McClelland.

Pipe Accessories - Pipe Rest for Car
Hit and Miss
For the pipes that fit, it works great. The rubber is soft and does not slip, but the adhesive is a a little weak.

Pipe Accessories - Leather Pipe Stand
It's a simple little stand and pleasing to the eye. I might buy another one and stick it to the dash of my car :)

Lane Limited - Ready Rubbed 14oz
Can't stop smoking it!
I love this stuff. It's such a nice smoke for any time or place. Easy to pack, lots of volume, smooth to taste, and a steady burn, there's no wonder it's a famed classic. Bravo!

Pipe Tools & Supplies - 8deco Bamboo Tamper
nice tamper
My favorite tamper—durable, light, handsome, and inexpensive. I wager it would be a great tool for delicate pipes, like Meerschaums.

A & C Petersen - Escudo Navy Deluxe 50g
An All Seasoner
I was looking for something I could smoke all year, indoors and out, and in my car. Escudo's balanced VaPer blend does it all for me—a staple in my rotation.

Wessex - Gold Slice 1.5oz
Nice for hot days
Lots of citrus notes throughout the bowl. Mid-way down it becomes more full and a little "dense". At this point it also gets a lemon-cream flavor. Quite nice, unless re-lit after a while, at which point it tastes too much like cigarettes for me.

Butera - Royal Vintage: Latakia #1 50g
Tim P's review is spot on. Way sweeter than I expected, I kept thinking 'How is this SO GOOD?!'

Carter Hall - Carter Hall 1.5oz Pouch
Just enough flavor...
... it makes me want better tobacco. For busy days, or breaking in a pipe, this is fine. But for something I can relax with, I have other faves.

Orlik - Golden Sliced 50g
Good, but not for me
Some say the Perique is barely noticeable; maybe I'm just sensitive to it. But it's still not what I'd call powerful. Nevertheless, the typical Virginia notes lose out to it about 1/3 down the bowl.

Lighters - Kiribi Kabuto Black Matte
Really Nice
Really well made for such a reasonable price; this little guy packs a good tank and excellent flame control in a trusty lighter.

Erik Stokkebye 4th Generation - 1855 1.4oz
Great Simplicity
1855 is a simple Virginia, easy to love. A 1 yr old tin was mildly sweet with grassy notes; my 3 yr tin was much sweeter, even in a new pipe! It's a thicker ribbon cut that burns easy and bites only when smoked too fast.