Ferdinando P.

Foundation Cigar Company - Highclere Castle Victorian Corona
Good one
Solid 4 stars. Medium to full body, but not harshness.

La Flor Dominicana - Double Ligero Sun Grown Lancero
Solid 4 stars
Started with quite a lot of black pepper. Then settled down and I got some nice sweetness on top of the usual woodsy and coffee flavour. Remained the same until the end. No complexity, but a nice full body rich smoke.

Herrera Esteli - Connecticut Broadleaf Tienda Exclusiva Lancero
Good one
Really nice. Quite strong but not harsh. Perfect draw. I am looking for the perfect lancero; this is a good candidate

Foundation Cigar Company - The Tabernacle Havana CT-142 Lancero
A bit harsh
Strength for me is more 4 stars rather than three. I kind of enjoyed the first half, but it became a bit harsh in the second half. Lacking in refine flavours.

Jake Wyatt - Herbert Spencer Lancero
Perfect draw (no always the case for a lancero). Full body, earthy, coffee, black pepper especially first half. A bit expensive, but worth it

Sillem's - Commodore Flake 50g
Great if you like bold flavours
Rich, deep, satisfying smoke. It reminds me of Revor Plug, which I understand is not available in the US.

El Rey Del Mundo - Cafe Noir
Strong little stick. A bit one-dimensional, but nevertheless good.

Cornell & Diehl - Chopped Cigar Leaf
Who needs cigars?
Just joking, although this is better than I expected. Must be smoked after a meal and you should pace yourself as you would do with a cigar. The flavour profile is similar to Nicaragua cigars. Rich and bold, quite satisfying.

Peterson - Nightcap 50g
Best english blend period
I feel that I am just stating the obvious here, but this is really the best english blend. I like to smoke different things, but if I was forced to choose only one pipe tobacco for the rest of my life, this will be it. No other blend come close to the richness, complexity and elegance of nightcap.

Bolivar - Cofradia No. 554
Started quite nice, with a decent amount of black pepper. That went away after few puffs. No sweetness at all for me, more like unsweetened filter coffee type of flavour. Then it became kind of grassy and bitter. That did not go away, and just passed the half way point, I stopped smoking it. I just couldn't finish it.

San Cristobal - Revelation Mystic
Rich and strong
Strong stick. Black pepper at the beginning. Flavour kept changing in a good way from start to finish. Perfect construction and incredible value for money. Recommended if you like full body cigars.

Illusione - Maduro 68 Petit Corona
Just ok
No as strong as suggested, I could retrohale with no problems. More savory than sweet. Dry smoke, a bit of white pepper at the beginning. No harshness. Mostly I got a filter coffee type of flavour. Got a bit boring in the end.

Tatuaje - Reserva Petite Cazadores
Small powerhouse
I like this one a lot! Rich, intense, really feels the tobacco has been aged. The firm draw was not a problem for me as I used the perfect draw tool.

RoMa Craft - Intemperance EC XVIII Virtue
Boring...but it may just be me
Sorry, but for me it was quite unremarkable.

Oliva - Connecticut Reserve Robusto
This one was good!!
Medium strength for me. Never got harsh, perfect draw. Flovourwise, tobacco and dry hay to start with. Half way I got a little sweetness and tiny bit of coffee. At the end, a hint of almond. This one restored faith in cigars smoking, after I had a couple of disappointing ( and more expensive...) sticks some weeks before

Arturo Fuente - Hemingway Short Story
Kind of sweet, a bit spicy, no much pepper.

La Gloria Cubana - Wavell Maduro
Lovely smoke for the money. Coffee and cedar. Perfect construction, open draw; one hour of pure pleasure.

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