Curivari - Reserva Limitada Classica Monarcas
The claims are true
I have been smoking many new to me brands in an effort to broaden my horizons. Curivari has flown under my radar for some time, but I was intrigued by claims of making old school cubans. This cigar delivered the goods. Wrapped in a chestnut colored firm wrapper and producing tons of delicious nuanced notes of dry earth with a sweet graham cracker finish. If you told me I was smoking a Epi 2 I would believe you and I have smoked those in boxes. These are outstanding and I can't recommend them enough.

Rojas - Los Tejanos Toro
A tried and true combination
Firmly packed dark stick with all of the chocolate, pepper and leather notes that you would expect from a San Andres wrapper combined with Nicaraguan filler and binder. Excellent construction and flavor with a long aftertaste. Excellent stick in the vein of a My Father stick.

Curivari - Gloria de Leon Gran Dominio Poderoso
Excellent Taste and Value
I've been sampling new to me brands recently and the Curivari brand is certainly intriguing to me. This cigar presented itself with a chocolate colored wrapper with flavors of nuts, earth and a touch of sweetness. I'd say more medium than medium-full. Excellent construction and great value for money. I will definitely be purchasing more.

Stolen Throne - 3 Kingdoms Box-Pressed Toro
An excellent offering from a new to me brand
This cigar is sharply box pressed and presents a rich creamy smoke with flavors of creamed coffee and chocolate. Excellent construction. Definitely a cigar I will purchase again.

Rojas - Bluebonnets Toro
Delicious Medium Body
This delicious cigar is proof that delicious flavors can be developed in lighter bodied smokes. Nuttiness enveloped in rich wood flavors. Excellent construction and worthy of consideration when you don't want to deal with a pepper bomb

L'Atelier - La Mission 1989
Chocolate Goodness
Excellent flavors of dark chocolate and silky smooth. Excellent construction and good draw. Fantastic Stick

Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust - Sin Compromiso Selección Intrépido
Excellent Flavor, poorer construction
Excellent flavors of coffee and oak that develops over the course of cigar. Poor construction; tight draw and uneven burn. I really want to love these Dunbarton sticks but have had consistent issues with construction

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