Stands & Pouches - Leather Pipe Stand
I’m very happy I purchased this leather recliner for my pipes. I thought it might be like a bean bag but it is all folded leather. I’m not disappointed though. It’s very light weight and guests comment on how nice it looks with my pipe resting next to my leather chair. Fits all my pipes including my church wardens. For the price, it’s outstanding.

Pipe Tools & Supplies - Joseph Rodgers Premium Smokers Knife Blue
Go 4 it!
I know this blue pipe tool is not as luxurious looking as the models running in the $100’s but it actually looks nice once I pulled it out of the box. And check out the amazing price! Serious; save your money to purchase an additional pipe or tobacco. This is a great knife. I’m very happy.

Ashtrays - Cork Ashtray Knocker
I was skeptical to purchase the cork knocker because some reviewers complained about poor adhesive. I purchased an old tin shallow elongated pail from Hobby Lobby for $8.00. Then a cleaned the surface that I wanted to adhere the cork to with rubbing alcohol and let it dry. I simply pulled off the adhesive backing on the cork, placed it in the desired location with 30 seconds of firm pressure and left it alone for an hour. It works brilliantly! The cork is strongly attached! I’m not sure why others claimed to have a problem. I will be purchasing 2 more and highly recommend the product.

Mac Baren - 7 Seas Royal 3.5oz
Very Pleasant
New to pipes; I really enjoyed 7 Seas Royal. Open the tin and you will immediately be greeted by a soothing aroma. The blend of Cavendesh, Virginia, and Burley are well balanced. Smoke slow or you will encounter a mild toung bite. Very relaxing though.

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