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Cornell & Diehl - Exclusive
I have been on a journey to find a VaPer that is unapologetically in your face. After hearing that this blend has 50% perique I knew I must get a hold of some. I have seen many reviews say that this is more likely 30% Perique, I can tell you that it is higher. The bag note (I got 16oz.) Is of sweet bread and chocolate with a ghost of pepper left in the nose. In the bowl this blend is amazing. Tangy, bready, red Virginia and stoved red Virginia Cavendish really bring on a natural sweetness and then the perique slaps you in the face like the beautiful mistress that she is and I love it. Spice, red pepper powerhouse dancing on my tongue; the sweet and spicy mingling and washing over my palate leaving me like a child who just had their favorite candy bar. Lady nicotine is ever present and if your puff carelessly she will let you know she is not happy. In all seriousness, if you are looking for an Outstanding VaPer with a high dose of Perique, this is topnotch. Highly recommend getting a few tins or a bag as this can only get better with age.

G. L. Pease - Quiet Nights 8oz
The first time I bought Quiet Nights I was fairly new to English/Balkan blends and I didn't know what to expect. When I received my tin and popped the top and was immediately taken back; smells of smoke, creosote, musk, deep, and dark. I loaded my pipe with a couple flakes and immediately fell in love, it was a symphony of flavors dancing on my palate with each component tobacco mingling and dancing with the others. This was the blend that made me immediately fall in love with G.L. Pease blends and introduced me to what I had been looking for in pipe tobacco sophistication and contemplation.

Cornell & Diehl - Bayou Morning Flake 8oz
Perique lovers dream
This is one of the best Virginia/Perique blends I have ever smoked. Upon opening the tin you get a wonderful bready, earthy, spice. It presents more as a broken flake and is easy to rub out or fold and stuff. It has been my experience that this blend needs little to no drying time and can be smoked right out of the tin immediately and should be jarred immediately after opening or it will become bone dry very quickly. During the smoke you are presented with a delicious experience of earthy, bready, tangy Virginia and red and black pepper spice from the perique. Careful with the retro-hale as it is all pepper and doesn't apologize. Now let's talk nicotine. You are going to want to smoke this blend after having a big breakfast or brunch and it pairs well with coffee or iced tea. You are going to want to also take your time as the nicotine comes on strong, straight from the full belly feel to the sweats and if you push past that, well we know what comes next. I highly recommend this blend and would suggest cellaring it as it can only get better with age.

G. L. Pease - Gaslight 8oz
Where do I begin? The first tin of this I ever bought I was in search for my first English blend and was entering uncharted territory. Upon opening the tin I was greeted with the smell of creosote, spice, earth, sweetness, leather, and something that can only be described as sea like. Right away I felt like I had made a mistake but decided to load up a bowl. As I put flame to the dark, murky, earth colored leaves that filled my pipe I was immediately awe-struck. Smoke, spice, leather, deep, dark, contemplative flavor. Immediately I was adrift in thought of walking down cobblestone streets lighted by the soft glow of gas lanterns; among horse and buggies, women in expensive hoop skirts and men in suits with top hats. The smell of chimney smoke wafting through the air intermingled with the smell of exotic spices, incense, vintage leather and the slightest smell of the musty, briny ocean water. As I entered back to reality, I retrieved my copy of the Complete Sherlock Holmes, lit a candle, poured a dram and settled in for what was one of the most relaxing, contemplative, and mysteriously wonderful evenings I have ever experienced.

Cornell & Diehl - Mississippi Mud 8oz
An aquired taste
Don't let my title fool you, this is my favorite smoke and my go to blend. It's name says it all! This is a dark, murky, smoky, spicy, smoke. All the components come together to give this blend a smooth and yet unusual flavor that just plain works. While it is not a complex blend as others out there it is a blend that can simply be enjoyed without having to guess if you are tasting this or that. Do yourself a favor and grab a tin or two.

Cornell & Diehl - Kajun Kake 8oz
This was one of the very first Vir/Per blends I ever smoked when switching over from aromatics. It is also the blend that started my love for Perique. Upon opening the tin I was greeted with the smell of sweet, earthy, spicy deliciousness. The scent is what I imagined sitting at a camp fire by the bayou deep in the back woods of Louisiana cooking a rustic pot of spicy gumbo over the fire. Upon setting a flame to this blend and slowly pulling the flame down to dance on the tobacco, I was greeted with , spicy, sweet murky earth. That all blended together in a way that is just amazing. Smoked nice and slow while enjoying a quiet evening you get a very relaxing flavorful smoke, but beware, should you smoke to fast and not pay attention, Lady N will cast her voodoo curse on you.

Sutliff - 523 Voodoo Queen
Love Hate
This was one of the first blends I ever smoked when switching over from aromatics. I purchased 8oz. from a different website and it was everything I was looking for. Smokey, saucy, spicy, briny. It was outstanding. I smoked through it in about 3 weeks. The second time I bought it from the same website it was completely disappointing. It lacked any of the smoke, spice and brine, that the latakia and perique had imparted the first time around and I was left with only the burly and Virginia which gave it no nuttiness or earthy sauce as before. However, I will not give up on this blend and plan on purchasing it again and adding more red Virginia and Perique to it. If you are looking to switch over from aromatics and want to know what Lata kia and Perique add to your smoking experience, this is definitely a great blend.

Cornell & Diehl
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