Ford M.

Presbyterian - Presbyterian 50g
Manufacturer has changed!
Presbyterian was formerly made by Planta, but the tins I just received are marked as made by Mac Baren. The label looks almost the same, but the color changed. This should have alerted me. On opening the tin, the tin note is different, and the old plastic bag has been replaced with generic accordion folded paper with a cardboard cover. Upon emptying the tin into a large glass bowl I found that the cut of the tobacco is completely different. Where the old Presbyterian was a wide short ribbon, as if a single layer from a large cube cut. The new cut is quite a bit longer and narrower, which makes packing quite different from the old cut. The makeup of tobaccos seems to have changed as well, with not as much lighter leaf and more of a darker leaf. On to smoking a bowl, and I was quite surprised at the difference. The moisture content has changed - the new Presbyterian is tinned quite a bit moister than the old and pressed heavily into the tin. Not thinking there would be much of a difference, I packed a pipe and lit up. I found two important differences. Even with a little (10 minutes) drying time the new Presbyterian required numerous relights where the old variety required very few. But the main difference was in the taste. Presbyterian from Planta had a nutty aroma and taste from the first light, settling g down to a mild English flavor as the bowl progressed. The nutty taste and aroma is gone from this new Presbyterian, re[placed by a nondescript mild to middling English taste with nothing to distinguish it from numerous others. If you haven’t smoked Planta’s version of Presbyterian then Mac Baren’s version may be your cup of tea. It certainly isn’t mine. Early Morning Pipe, both the old and current versions, is cut from the same general taste category other than the nuttiness, and is a far better suited to my taste buds type of smoke. Try the new Presbyterian, you may find it hits the mark for you. I’ll hoard my remaining tins of the Planta variety and do just fine with them and E.M.P. when those run out.

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