Joseph K.

Mac Baren - 7 Seas Regular
The best yet.
This was the tobacco that I always hoped I would find. It will be hard to top so I have my work cut out.

Mac Baren - 7 Seas Royal
Very Smokable
A very enjoyable smoke. It matters which pipe I choose to use and how I stoke the bowl.

Captain Black - Gold 12oz
Burns hot and has very little flavor. I wouldn't recommend it.

Captain Black - Gold 12oz
Not great
I found that it burns hot and it doesn't have a very pleasant taste and also, if I pack it too tight it doesn't dray well, too loose and it burns fast. It's smoke able but I wouldn't re-order.

Mixture No. 79 - Mixture No. 79 1.5oz
I should have read
It's not the same mixture that I remember smoking when I started years ago

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