William S.

Rocky Patel - Java Mint Toro
The cigar for all.
10$ isn’t bad when you are introducing a friend to cigars or smoking them at a cook out. The pre light taste is amazing it’s pure chocolate with that hint of mint like a Girl Scouts thin mint. Smoking is a dream it’s smooth, sweet, and creamy. In social settings this cigar will be. Ideal and something I’d smoke around my younger family. Plus the wife likes it too so finally a win.

Cornell & Diehl - Autumn Evening 2oz
Aging beauty
The longer it stays in your cellar the strong the maple smell like sweet syrup with go through your nose. Before smoking leave the tin set up for a couple minutes and enjoy the aroma that will force your hand to smoke this wonderful tobacco. It is best enjoyed with a stout beer infront of the fire

Peterson - Old Dublin 50g
Aging 101
With this fine tobacco here i first got it and decided that i would smoke it and to my non experianced tastes it killed my throat it was strong and hit hard but after 2 years i come back to it and find a smooth smoke that became intoxicatingly good. i would recommend that you get 3 tins and let them age

Sutliff - Z92 Vanilla Custard
Everday Greatness
Easy to pack, Wonderful smell, and a close friend. I can sit with my pipe and smoke a full bowel for an hour and a half as i relax doing whatever i need to do. This beautiful blend doesn't have any tongue bite no matter how hard you puff or how long you smoke it is truly my favorite tobacco that i will eventually store a 5 pound container for 10 years just to love it again. When i get the money i will have at least 25 pounds of this amazing smoke. If you are trying to get something good then you have found it.

Gawith Hoggarth & Co.
Bosun Plug

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Old Sea Rock Bent Dublin (G)

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