Allan S.

Drucquer & Sons - Prince's Blend 100g
A Wonderful Mild English
My first bowl out of a newly opened tin was not enjoyable. The tobaccos were too moist and it needed some air. I put the tin away for three weeks and let it air before my second bowl. The second bowl was delicious. Burley and virginia compose the majority of the blend, with a delicate dose of latakia and perique added. I can taste just a light touch of perique in every puff, but the latakia is further in the background. The black cavendish adds smoothness, but is not evident in the taste. Prince's Blend burns cool and dry from beginning to end and leaves a delicate taste on the tongue. This is a light English with flavor. It is composed of quality tobaccos and is a masterful composition for those who enjoy milder blends. I'm one of them.

Drucquer & Sons - Trafalgar 100g
Perfectly Blended and Delicious to Smoke
This is a mixture that deserves the highest accolades. It exhibits layers of flavor and is very satisfying. It is a little full for my taste, but it's still an exceptional blend. Greg Pease deserves kudos for having created it.

Drucquer & Sons - Red Lion 100g
This is a well executed English blend!
I love the fact that the Latakia is lightly used and the taste is very cohesive. The tobaccos used are of excellent quality. This blend is Virginia forward with the Perique in second position. The Black Cavendish is used to smooth out the blend and the Burley is not noticeable. So basically, I would call this a light Vaper that is smoothed out by the other components. It is cool smoking and very delicious. It burns to ash and produces an average amount of smoke. This is my second favorite of the line, next to Blairgowie. I find both Red Lion and Blairgowie to be exceptional and have been smoking them exclusively for the past couple of weeks.

Drucquer & Sons - Blairgowrie 100g
This blend has been the surprise of my pipe smoking life!
This is a wonderful cohesive blend of quality tobaccos that meld together perfectly. I love the cut of the rubbed out flake. Blairgowie burns cool and dry to a powder. The taste is not heavy on my tongue. To me, this is an amazing composition that is deserving of the highest accolades. After the initial light, I refrain from using my tamper. Instead, I run a match stick around the bowl for the ash to fall. The taste is mostly of Virginia and Orientals. The Latakia is used sparingly, which I like. The Perique is ever present in the background on every puff, which I enjoy. The Burley is present, but remains unaccounted for. I really like the way this blend just smoulders, producing a minimum amount of smoke. Blairgowie is delicious from start to finish. Thanks Greg.

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