Cornell & Diehl - Briar Fox 2oz
Not for me, good for others
I can understand that some would enjoy this blend. It prepares easily and smokes well. Burns to white ash with very few re-lights. In my attempt to be open minded, I gave it a try. This blend is the opposite side of the coin of what I usually smoke. I go for more of a heavy English blend with a lat. Black Cavendish base. That being said, it's not a bad blend. Just not a good blend for me.

Hearth & Home - Fusilier's Ration 1.75oz
Tasty x 2. A bit of a learning curve for me as I usually smoke ribbon cut blends. Once I got past that, which didn't take long, nothing but a satisfying experience. Not sure what the light topping is and it doesn't really matter. Great from start to finish. A must try.

Cornell & Diehl - Barrister 2oz
Not my cup of tea
I'm usually all for a latakia forward blend, but there is something just a bit off in the flavor department. Could be a funky tin or maybe it's just me. I won't pitch the tin, but I probably won't buy again.

Hearth & Home - Black House 1.75oz
Top Shelf
One of my favorites at this point. Kinda creamy, smoky aroma on opening the tin. One of those things that I do each and every time I open the tin is that long slow sniff. Taste is fantastic and burns great. Love it.

Dan Tobacco - Old Ironsides 50g
Lat bomb, no. Great smoke, yes
I'm a huge lat. fan but if you are looking for the overwhelming smokey, leathery toe curling joy of a lat. bomb.... this ain't it. Don't get me wrong ,this is a wonderful, smooth, flavorful smoke that I really enjoy. Two minor down sides. Prep time. I usually smoke ribbon. I'm old and lazy, over look that. Nic hit more than I'm accustomed to. No problem, group 2 or 3 pipe, not a monster Italian. You should dip your toes in the water of this blend.

Cornell & Diehl - Old Court 2oz
Enjoyable, mellow
I was recently digging around in my tobacco stash and ran across a rather large amount of this blend dated back to April of 2020. I've been in a bit of a rut in my day-to-day blends and was eager for something different. I firmly tucked the bag of Old Court under my arm and scurried off to locate one of my favorite larger pipes and settled in. My first thought was why in have I not been enjoying this sooner. Extremely smooth, a touch of spice, smoky,and just a little dab of sweet. Zero tongue bite. The best part is it comes in bulk. Good all day smoke. Note to self. Buy another pound. Check cellular more often.

Cornell & Diehl - Smooth English
For what it's worth
While it is true that this blend is rather smooth and enjoyable smoke with potential for additional blending to customize to individual taste, the room note is somewhat unpleasant. That's why I've updated my review from 5 stars to 3.5. Still a good smoke at a great price, for me at least it would be a better summer time outdoor smoke.

Ashton - Consummate Gentleman 50g
My first English
This blend was sent to me by mistake (by a different company ). They did make my order right and told me to keep the tin and sorry for the mistake. At the time I was into aromatics and nothing else. I put the tin on a shelf for quite some time. One day I gave it a try, I figured why not, and have smoked English blends every since. I've tried many different blends since that day but I will always a few tins of this the shelf. No bite,very smooth and burns great. I highly recommend it to all my friends but I very rarely share.

Half and Half - Half and Half 1.5oz
Simple,cool smoke
I don't really agree with the description of this tobacco. I think it's rather flavorful, kind of a floral taste. Really pleasing room note. It's not a strong tobacco but it is a great smoke. No wonder it has been around for ever and a day.

Cornell & Diehl - Cross-Eyed Cricket 2oz
Wow, yum
I love a good English blend and not a big fan of aromatics. The blend of tobaccos caught my eye because it is very similar to Sam's blend (my absolute favorite). The question, is it an English or aromatic, made me think, well let's find out. This is probably the most incredible tobacco I've ever smoked. When I opened the tin it was a bit moist but not wet, very pleasant sent. 1 char light, and the 2nd light it burned to white ash. Creamy and smooth with a little spicy tickle to my tongue. Outstanding. As far as the question, I'll get back to you many years from now.

Cornell & Diehl - Black Duck 2oz
Just duckie
I have enjoyed it in moderation up to this point because I've been rather hung up on Sam's blend which has zero sweet, but amazing flavor. I decided one hot humid day to try something just a touch different. Black Duck isn't exactly what I would say sweet by any means but the edges are rounded off a bit compared to Sam's blend and is comparable in flavor. Nothing will replace Sam's for me but this is a close second.

Lane Limited - Crown Achievement 1.75oz
Very dry, twiggy
I bought 2 tins and have only opened one tin at this point. The tin was sealed and I was very surprised by how dry it was and even more surprised by the amount of stems. They weren't large but plentiful. Didn't pack well and burnt quickly. Taste was fair but not good enough for me to buy again. I'll probably make a gift of the other tin rather than let it take up space. I may have just gotten a bad tin.

Dunhill - My Mixture BB1938 50g
Smooth for sure
It is smooth for sure but somewhat uneventful as far as flavor is concerned. Not bad but it isn't available I'm not overly upset. I can see me buying again just not on a regular basis.

Cornell & Diehl - Mississippi Mud 2oz
Very spicy
Very peppery taste. Kinda strong , smooth until about halfway through the bowl. That's when the spiciness takes over. For me it's not a daily smoke but from time to time with a shot of bourbon it's pretty good. A tin will last me for a long while.

Cornell & Diehl - Byzantium 2oz
Too complex for me
I think for my taste there is just a bit too much going on. I can't put my finger on it but I do think sometimes less is more. I'll put the rest of the tin back and try it again later. For now, just not my cup of tea.

Cornell & Diehl - Sam's Blend 2oz
This blend is the coolest, best burning and most satisfying blend of any tobacco I've smoked period. It doesn't matter if it's an English, Virginia, aromatic or anything else you can come up with. While some make you wonder if it's flue cured, is it red or bright Virginia and so on this tobacco doesn't do that at all. It made me think alright, about my favorite fishing hole (spring is right around the corner )what am I going to do tomorrow, what am I going to plant in my garden this year. It made me think about all kinds of happy things and nothing else. Then I realized that my bowl is done and I'm relaxed and smiling. Just simple. Just satisfied. Isn't that what it's all about?

Cornell & Diehl - Bayou Morning 2oz
Big Easy
This is my first endeavor into the world of Va/per tobacco and boy did I make an outstanding choice! I am a huge fan of rather strong English blends like Ashton artisan's blend and by the reviews I thought I would give this a try. The cut,moisture of this tobacco is perfect. When I opened the tin the aroma wasn't over powering and I thought, not for the faint of heart, yeah right. I packed one of my favorite pipes and off we went. It was very smooth and lit easily. The flavor was odd because it was kinda sweet and just a touch spicy. I got to about halfway through the bowl and the spiciness started to pick up. The longer I smoked the spicier it was. What surprised me was it didn't lose the smoothness and gentle sweetness. I finished my bowl and I was reminded of the saying, don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened. More appropriately because this tobacco comes in bulk as well. P.s. it would be wise to ease into this tobacco because it does seem to have a very high nicotine content. Enjoy.

Hearth & Home - Heart of Darkness 1.75oz
My morning blend
When I first saw "Heart of Darkness" I automatically thought of a former girlfriend. Rest easy my friends, although they are similar in many ways, a bit smoky, a pinch of damp leather smell, and very smooth, there isn't that nasty bite. I have been looking for a tobacco alternative for Ashton Consummate Gentleman since it isn't always available. This is it and may even push the Ashton to #2.

Hearth & Home - Cerberus 1.75oz
I must admit that I was just a little bit disappointed from this blend because being a latakia base, I was looking forward to a very smoky, leathery flavor and smell. It just wasn't there. Don't get me wrong, overall it's not a bad smoke, just not what I had hoped for. For me Heart of Darkness is way better by far. As always in life there is a bright side, this is only the second tobacco that I have tried in the Marquee series and several more to go.

Lane Limited - Punch 1.75oz
Enjoyable, smooth
It is a bit on the dry side when I first opened the tin, but not overly dry. I wasn't surprised by that because it seems like all other lane tobacco that I've bought. That's the only reason why I gave it 4 stars which is really unfair because it burns perfectly. 1 light, 1 bowl, cool to the bottom. When I first opened the tin it had that smoky slightly floral aroma that that I'm always looking for. If you love a straight forward latakia blend for a all day smoke, you should give this a try.

Ashton - Artisan's Blend 50g
Kinda feels like a long lost friend.
I've always been pretty bad about drifting around looking for that greener pasture. I've never been a big fan of reading about something and taking their word as gospel. I am a big fan of taking their advice and finding out for myself. I do travel down tobacco road and hit a lot of crossroads. Some really good, some not so much. This blend is one of my first English tobaccos that I've tried and I always have several tins around. It's been awhile since I've popped a fresh tin and it is just like a long lost friend you haven't seen in many moons. Rich, smoky and smooth, a pinch of spiciness too. Gee it's good to be back home again.

Lane Limited - La Gloria Cubana 1.75oz
Great for the money
Kinda dry out of the tin but a really smooth smoke. Nothing over powering but not a push over. I think it's way better than Lane Crown Achievement, I hope I just got a bad tin of that because I have one more. La Gloria is way better for a lot less money. I like Ashton Consummate Gentleman pretty well and was my first choice for some time but after trying La Gloria the quality, price,and overall satisfying smoke, Ashton has become the tobacco that I will buy when La Gloria isn't available. I'm glad I tried it and will continue to buy it. Give it a shot, if you don't care for it, you aren't going to be out much. If you like English blends, you'll come out way ahead.

Artisan's Blend 50g

$14.00 $11.20