Adam C.

Fribourg & Treyer - Cut Virginia Plug 50g
Sweet, Smooth, and Sweet Again
Opening the tin gives off a light grassy smell that makes my mouth water. The flakes laid in two stacks held together by a folded piece of paper, and they are very fragile. This is a fresh tin so the flakes are not too dark at all. The flakes rub out into perfect ribbons with a little dottle. Once I light up it is sweet, sweet, sweet. I've heard other people say it tastes like cream, but to me this is more like the smooth center of a marbled chocolate truffle. This truly is a great tobacco. I have also had complete strangers remark on the favorable room note, so it can be smoked around company. Highly recommend trying if you can get your hands on it.

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Brown Irish X
Strong and Satisfying
The best way to prepare this is to slice it into coins with a cheap cigar cutter while trying to keep the coins as thin as possible. I then rub the tobacco out and let it dry. This s some really moist leaf but it dries in no time once you slice it. I like to use it straight, or as a base with a touch of Virginia for a sweet note. It is very strong. I've let non-smokers take a few puffs and within a few minutes they start commenting that they feel a full body tingle. So there's that. This is some great, great, great tobacco for those who like tobacco. I usually recommend this to cigar smokers looking to switch over. 10/10 Would Recommend