Jeffrey E.

Mac Baren - HH Old Dark Fired 3.5oz
I'm sorry
I'm sorry, but this is like walking through a muddy path in the woods in boots, then through 4 old campfire pits, then when you get home, you take a flathead screwdriver and pry out some of the caked-in, leaf and wood fiber encased mud from between the treads of your boot soles, put it in your pipe and smoke it...that's what it tastes like.

Davidoff - Winston Churchill Belicoso (4 Pack)
Excellent Short
This is an excellent short smoke if you are a Davidoff cigar fan like I am. (By the way really need to start selling the big boy Davidoffs.)

Mac Baren - Vanilla Roll Cake 3.5oz
This is a good, clean aromatic...not goopy and overbearing like most out there

Cornell & Diehl - Carolina Red Flake 2oz
2020 CRF
I'm very familiar with the previous batches of CRF, and just now smoked my first bowl of the 2020 batch. Lower sugar content and higher nicotine are obvious. Flavors are more focused on the peppery part. If I to had place it somewhere on a list, I would place it between the 2019 batch of CRF and C&Ds Burley Flake #2. Quality product for sure, but definitely different from the previous batches as you would expect it to be.

Sutliff - Crumble Kake Red Virginia 1.5oz
It's okay
I am an avid virginia smoker with red virginia my favorite. I was on the hunt for another quality plain red just to see what other brands had to offer as my favorite go to has always been Carolina Red Flake (CRF) from C&D. Hands down, in my opinion, CRF has this beat. This Crumble Kake (CK) is extremely mellow at first, far more mellow than CRF, but after about 1/2 a bowl, it starts to bite a lot, with no real increase in boldness, while CRF starts out relatively bold without any bite through the entire bowl. Furthermore, even though no one says it has been cased, you can tell it has. Also, at the end of the bowl you get this sort of funky ammonia flavor; that may or may not have to do with the casing, I don't know, but it caught me off guard for sure. For the price of only 1.5 ozs, for a cased red, I would probably prefer to stick with Interlude by C&D which is a little cheaper but you get 2 ozs of it. Update after one complete tin of it: Probably won't buy anymore of it...sorry everyone that likes it, it just isn't that good of a red virginia, there are far better reds out there for a lower price.

Cornell & Diehl - Carolina Red Flake 2oz
Just as good, but different, than last year's batch
Last year's batch was great, that's why I bought 15 tins of it this time; this year's batch, in my opinion, is just as good, but in a different way. It has more flavor and is sweeter even though the percentage sugar on the tin is about the same as it was last year. Probably the only complaint I would have if I had one is that the enhanced sweetness reduces it's "bite" and I like the bite a lot, that's why I mostly smoke untopped straight VA's and burleys (with the exception of LC Santee). So I guess it's a tradeoff. Hopefully 15 tins, along with the C&D Interlude, Burley Flake #2, and Low Country Santee that I also smoke, will be enough to last me until it comes out again next year.

Cornell & Diehl - Burley Flake #2 2oz
Hold on tight
Okay, so, I'm a Virginia smoker, both reds and brights; but, I thought I'd give this a try since it was on sale. To be honest, burley in general just doesn't have the flavor a Virginia does, so this would never be my go-to smoke, that said, hold on tight because the nicotine will kick your butt. I appreciate that about this blend. I also appreciate the fact that it was nice a fresh and good quality leaf just like most all of C&D and Low Country. So, even though in general, it's certainly not my favorite flavor wise, I gave it 5 stars because of its quality and butt kicking piece of nicotine whoop-ass.

Cornell & Diehl - Interlude 2oz
Review from a simple southern man
I ran out of Carolina Red Flake, so I asked the C&D guys what they suggested to hold me over until a new batch comes out, and they suggested this one...just had my first bowl of it. Just to let you know, though, that I'm not some pretentious northern hippie or hippie reject that fills their pipes with hay, field grass, etc, and smokes it, so your not going to get those sorts of descriptions from me; frankly, I don't know why you would want to smoke field grass, but apparently a lot of virginia tobacco smokers have. My first half bowl went like this...hmmm, interesting, mmm, second half a bowl went like this...mmm, dang, wow. Don't taste much honey in it, if at all to be honest, which is a good thing (probably). Good suggestion C&D, thanks. (I think the name of it is a little wussiefied though...I mean, Interlude? Come on guys.) Update: So I've been smoking Interlude daily for about a year and a half now...and that should tell you how much I like it. Carolina Red Flake is still my favorite, but this is a very close second.

Low Country - Santee 2oz
Excellent need to say much more about it.

Cornell & Diehl - Carolina Red Flake 2oz
The Best
The best pipe tobacco I've ever smoked, bar none.

Larsen - 1864 Perfect Mixture 100g
Okay, here's the real review :)
First, I do not taste even the slightest hint of chocolate, nor Irish Cream, however, I do taste a very mild orange flavor, but really only when I inhale, and as a slight after taste when I'm finished smoking a bowl. The actual tobacco in it seems of fairly high quality, and again, it's got a great flavor....i.e., a great tobacco flavor. And while there is a very nice orange background to it, there's simply not enough of it, in my opinion anyway, to be considered a typical, topped, aromatic. Someone in another comment mentioned Great Dane; now that is truly a great aromatic, and that's mainly why no one can keep it in stock. This one, even though the flavors are advertised to be very different, doesn't come close to that in the intensity department (for lack of a better term).

Erik Stokkebye 4th Generation - 1882 Founders Blend 3.5oz
Nicely surprised
I've never tried a 'true' english blend, and frankly, I probably would know one if I smoked it...I'm only going by what others say. So, assuming this is a 'true' english blend, I was nicely surprised by it. I already smoke this brand's 1897 version (for quite a while now) which is fantastic, so it seems that this company has their act together regarding good quality, pleasing, pipe tobaccos.

Missouri Meerschaum - Great Dane 1.5oz
To follow up on my title of this review...WOW, freeking WOW! The only thing that comes close to Great Dane in taste and enjoy-ability is Erik Stokkebye's 1897 which has a very similar flavor, but not quite as much of it, if you know what I mean...his is also more expensive. That said, the only complaint I have with Great Dane is that they don't seem to make enough of it. Sometimes it just disappears from all websites (not just this one) for weeks at a time, so buy it when you can because it won't last long!

Carter Hall - Carter Hall 1.5oz Pouch
I am really going to irk some people with this review....but someone has to say it
Among pipe smokers we have a group of people that wear odd looking little hats and make YouTube video reviews for different tobaccos...I can't stand those people. They sit back with their pretentious narcissism and discredit all of the good ole OTC's only because that by doing so, they also know they are discrediting the traditions and culture of rural life and history...their critique of Carter Hall is just one such example. I actually grew up on a farm in North Carolina; not in Boston, or NYC, or Seattle, or some place like that. We didn't farm tobacco because we didn't have any allotments, but the farmer down the road did. My granddaddy every year would be allowed to harvest a small portion of tobacco as a barter to things we had and/or grew. He would air cure it, and shred it himself, lightly spray something like simple syrup on it (i.e., sugar water), and guess what, it tasted just like Carter Hall when we smoked it (yes, I started smoking a pipe at a young age--12 in fact). Carter Hall doesn't have "undertones of honey" or "vanilla" or anything imaginary like's simply a clean, smooth, great tasting tobacco that smokes cool and tastes consistent throughout the bowl. Please don't get caught up in all of the ignorance and pretentious idiocy that comes from others on the internet about Carter Hall; if you want an excellent traditional tasting smoke, this should be the first one you try (the other may be Sir Walter Raleigh's original blend).

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Carter Hall
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