Cornell & Diehl - Eight State Burley 2oz
Not a burley guy: update to original review
Update: been smoking this for a while now and boy has this changed. I'm starting to agree with those saying there's a topping or something. It's now faded and the remaining tobacco is crap. It's like an even poorer man's Prince Albert or similar OTC's. What I had left, I tossed in the trash. I love C&D but I feel like someone wanted to see if they take a crappy OTC blend, market it as "premium" and see who praises it as the best thing they ever put in their pipe. ORIGINAL REVIEW: .... And yet I was intrigued by the specs on this blend. Only got one tin and boy was that a mistake. This stuff is amazing. C&D pulled off the impossible: made me like a burley based blend. Everything just melds together so well and the tin note will make you want to eat it. In short, lesson learned: never doubt any of the C&D small batch blends, they almost always deliver, even if the blend isn't in the family you particularly like to smoke the most.

John Cotton's - Double Pressed Latakia 1.75oz
Several bowls in and....
It just has nothing to it. I thoroughly enjoyed the first bowl but I'm chalking it up to it being a shock to my palate. Every subsequent bowl has been lackluster. Just no flavor whatsoever. Such a let down.

Cornell & Diehl - Stratfordshire
Better than I expected
I wasn't expecting this blend to bowl me over, but it did. I was surprised by how much it reminded me of some of the Captain Earl's blends, particularly Ten Russians. Definitely not as much latakia as Ten Russians but definitely had the overall taste of it. Will be a part of my regular rotation from here on out.

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