Caleb M.

Cornell & Diehl - Lunchtime Blues 8oz
Skeptical then surprised.
I read some of the reviews and was worried. Decided to pull the trigger anyway and order some, there was that deal going on at that point so I got the 8 oz option. It was already a year and a half old when I got it and let me tell you opening it up was a happy surprise. Sweet, spicy and begging to packed and smoked already. It's been my morning smoke while I drive to work for a few months now and I won't go back ordering more to age and make sure I never run out. Anyone who didn't like theirs at first needed to age it was all in my opinion(whatever that's worth) and should give it time and try it again!

Cornell & Diehl - Gentleman Caller 8oz
Surprised happily
Very interesting smoke from begging to end! Opening the tin brought a smile to my face with memory of smells from my uncles pipe as a child the smoke is delivered with no bite and sweet taste and smell as you might come to expect to find with deer tongue blends!

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