Cornell & Diehl - Black Gold Maple
A very subtle hint of maple aroma/flavor, especially when smoked slowly. Definitely there but not overpowering nor sicky-sweet. One of my two go-to blends always ready in the Mason jar.

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    The Art of Tamping
  • ► Being from Maine, I was born into the ethic of Making Do. Countless volumes have been written on the subject, mostly by Northern New Englanders. Honest, look it up.... So, while I know the importance of tamping, spending money on a tamper has never entered the realm of likelihood for me. Rather, I Make Do with what I have on hand. Such as a .45 shell casing stuck onto a wooden dowel, a Maine Central railroad crosstie date nail (1956), or my current fancy favorite an aluminum roofing nail. As I subscribe to Chuck’s angled tamping technique, the latter is easy to bend and angle a bit. I have these stashed all about my truck, pockets, packs, etc... But, since I do most of my pipe smoking while out in the woods, my most common tamper is the simple twig. When I light up I look for any pinky finger-sized twig lying about, snap it to a useable length, and tamp away. When I am done, just drop it back onto the ground to decompose (no, I have never started a forest fire 🔥). As Maine is allegedly the most forested state in the Union, we have plenty of twig tampers to go around. The pinnacle of Making Do.