Peterson - My Mixture 965 50g
Inconsistent blend
This had been my go-to tinned tobacco. Smooth smoking with more than enough Latakia to be noticeable. That was until my latest tin, which seems to contain zero Lat and smokes very harshly. Harsh enough to make me almost nauseous. Seriously. It was cellared for a year, so perhaps that is the problem? Although the remainder of this tin is headed for the compost pile, I worry that the others I purchased may be just as terrible. In the future I will buy just a single tin at a time, to avoid more expensive disappointments. Beware.

Cornell & Diehl - Black Gold Maple
A very subtle hint of maple aroma/flavor, especially when smoked slowly. Definitely there but not overpowering nor sicky-sweet. One of my two go-to blends always ready in the Mason jar.
    Robert Service: Yukon Pipe Smoker and Poet
  • ► I have some friends, some honest friends,And honest friends are few;A pipe of briar, my open fire,A book that’s not too new;From “I Have Some Friends”, in “Ballads of a Bohemian”.
    The Art of Tamping
  • ► Being from Maine, I was born into the ethic of Making Do. Countless volumes have been written on the subject, mostly by Northern New Englanders. Honest, look it up.... So, while I know the importance of tamping, spending money on a tamper has never entered the realm of likelihood for me. Rather, I Make Do with what I have on hand. Such as a .45 shell casing stuck onto a wooden dowel, a Maine Central railroad crosstie date nail (1956), or my current fancy favorite an aluminum roofing nail. As I subscribe to Chuck’s angled tamping technique, the latter is easy to bend and angle a bit. I have these stashed all about my truck, pockets, packs, etc... But, since I do most of my pipe smoking while out in the woods, my most common tamper is the simple twig. When I light up I look for any pinky finger-sized twig lying about, snap it to a useable length, and tamp away. When I am done, just drop it back onto the ground to decompose (no, I have never started a forest fire 🔥). As Maine is allegedly the most forested state in the Union, we have plenty of twig tampers to go around. The pinnacle of Making Do.