Terry W.

Dan Tobacco - Salty Dogs 50g
While I have smoked a pipe for nearly 50 years, somehow I never got the opportunity to try a Dan tobacco. When I saw it was in stock just last week I decided to try a few blends by them, Salty Dog being one that I chose. I winced a bit when I realized it was twenty bucks for a 50 g package, but I was intrigued by the description and it was one of the Dan tobaccos that I chose. While I love VaPers, and Navy blends I didn’t know what to expect. I opened the package and saw the tiny dense brick and thought, wow!……not much tobacco for $20……it better be good! Loaded a bowl, and started smoking just before I started writing this. Oh My God!!! What an incredible tobacco!!! If you love VaPers and a good Navy blend, this tobacco is on a whole other Levet than any I’ve smoked before! Simply a MUST try!!! Can’t say enough good things about it! It’s already out of stock, and I can see why. Can’t wait till I can get sone more!

Missouri Meerschaum - Lord Morgan 1.5oz
Wonderful English
So I’ll start off by saying I’ve been a pipe smoker for almost 50 years, and in all that time I have never really cared for aromatic blends. I’ve tried several over the years, but don’t care for them much. But I love English, Virginias, and VaPers. When I read the description of Lord Morgan and saw it had 65 % Latakia, AND it was a barrel aged Sutliff…….well, I just had to try it. After just my first bowl I can say without hesitation it is a masterful blend. Extremely well balance…….the Latakia is NOT a Latakia bomb, it is very mildly sweet, but not at all like average aromatics. Burns very well and stays lit, in spite of other comments I read about it being a “wet” tobacco. If you love English blends, you’ll probably love this one!

Seattle Pipe Club - Hogshead 4oz
Hogshead in stock
I can feel my fellow pipe smokers frustration because I went through the same frustration at 2:00 am this morning when I went to order some of this new tobacco. But I must speak up in defense of Smoking Pipes on this one. They are an amazing organization! And I think they do an amazing job of providing pipe lovers like us with incredible opportunities to get our hands on and smoke some of the most delicious pipe tobacco ever being made in the history of pipe tobacco. And they sell their often sought products in a fair and judicious way so that everyone gets a chance to have some of that great tobacco. What happened last night was obviously a glitch in the "matrix"! It happens to everyone from time to time regardless of their best efforts. I just checked on the product again, ordered 6 tins (albeit pretty pricy), and learned there is plenty more available. So go place an order you lovers of Seattle Pipe Club tobacco! By the way, your stars are not working right now on the rating line up. I give Smoking Pipes a 5 star EVERY time. Please correct my rating someone in your tech department. Thanks!

Cornell & Diehl - The Beast 2oz
Amazing blend!
I read some of the other comments from people whining about removing the offer because it sold out so quick. Duhhhh! It sold out so quick, as every special blend C & D releases sells out so quick, is because their tobacco is amazing!!! Every thing they make is amazing! Under the guidance of Master blender Jeremy Reeves, you can’t go wrong.......The Beast is no exception! Great job JR and C &D!!!! Thanks!

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