G. L. Pease - Quiet Nights 8oz
The Gold Standard
I often wonder to myself why I get away from Pease blends for even just a short amount time. I venture away to try new things and then when I return I ask myself why did I ever leave. I know. I know. Part of the fun of our hobby is to try all the tobaccos but truly if you have never had Quiet Nights then stop reading this review and go get a tin right now. This is a magical tobacco. I could wane on and on about the Oriental Forward tobaccos and the aroma. The creosote smell that I love and the luxurious depth of flavor that has a long finish. Yes I could carry on about how it will knock your Sox off but I will not. Greg Pease is a Master blender and his concoctions are a most of the times a masterpiece and Quiet Nights falls into the masterpiece category. If you ever wondered how you will ever get a tin of Penzance and spend less than $100 then look no further. Is it as good as Penzance? What I would tell you is that its close but not Quiet as good. No pun intended. Well maybe it was but at $13 you will spend is worth every penny and you will never get a better deal in the history of Pipe tobacco. Some tobaccos will satisfy and some tobaccos will make you stop and contemplate everything. Ladies and Gentleman I present to you GL Pease Quiet Nights. The contemplative smoke.

Seattle Pipe Club - Christmas Spirit 2023 4oz
Sutliff Fleecing Their Customers
How many times will Sutliff come out with a new version of Plum Pudding? Here is another version and this time it’s there most expensive version. At almost $11 an ounce. I think this is disingenuous by Sutliff especially during the Christmas season when the country is struggling. It’s ridiculous! They really want us to believe that Plim Pudding in a brandy barrel is worth almost $43 for 4 ounces. You can come on the this same site and get 8 ounces of GL Pesse Quiet Nights for less than this. Believe me if you have not smoked Quiet Nights you are missing out and it’s better than Plum Pudding, Plum Pudding Reserve, Plum Pudding Bourbon Barrel, Plum Pudding Christmas Spirit and any other money grab they can come up with. It’s America and you have the right to purchase this product but if you do you are part of the problem.

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