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Pissed off more often than not. Forgive me or don't, I cuss a lot. Smoking Pipes is my only mistress now for I have not found that special gal that is able to gentle me down. Nor do I have much faith in men whom only think in terms of Us & Them. Like the G** d*** f*****g F.D.A.(F****** Dumb Asses) that take your monies & then deem how to run your business in to the ground & leave your family destitute for opening a business in the tobacco industries!!! They are F****** Destroying America!!!!F.D.A. seems that it soon should stand for the Future Dictatorship of America! I thought monopolies were already 'deemed' illegal and so was slavery!! So what the f***!!?? To the F.D.A.the bird is the word! Backstabbing C*********G M***********S!!I LOVE THESE HARD SPACES & ROCKS!! KICK SOME!

Sutliff - 150 Mark Twain
Mild as f**k!
For the vaginae that can't handle full flavored aeros, this is neutral ground. Very pleasant smoke that has a hint of laziness in it. Laying in a hammock while reading a good book preferably by Samuel Clemens is the epitome of smoking pleasure! Very mild and sweet texture with the creaminess of a nougat that has a dash of some kind of liqueur for a noticable tang on the end of a draw. Pretty f*****g mild and hardly any ghosting effect. Almost makes me want to be accommodating in my mannerisms of speech! I said almost f*****s. Heh ha!

Sutliff - 523 Voodoo Queen
This tastes like dog s**t! Not that I've tasted that, but I imagine that is what it tastes like if you put this s**t in your mouth! F*****g YUCK! What the hell was Leveau smoking!? On par with incense of asafoetida. Blech!

Cornell & Diehl - Dark Chocolate
Milk chocolate f*****s!
This has a flare of chocolate taste which is more on par with milk chocolate to me. It is a rather weak and droll, cool smoke. Meaning hardly any flavor at all. If you want the real deal, just get some Chocolate Truffle and add Black Vanilla to it! Or Captain Black, Black is even more exquisite!!

Captain Black - Grape 1.5oz
That's f*****g GRAPE APE!
This smoke has got to be the grapiest grape I ever f*****g graped!! I mean smoked, but you get the picture? Holy s**t this stuff is grape!! It does taste and smell exactly like the famed Grape BLC. Wow! That's what I'm talking about here! This stuff isn't for the faint at heart. This is where drinking in your smoke really means something. A word of warning although. Sometimes, when you first fire the b***h up, the whiff of the first pull is so concentrated that the tangy flavor smells almost like piss or urea. It quickly mellows down however to the dead ringer of B.L.Chew or when you let the kids make Kool-aid. You know, when the little b*****d has it so saturated that you almost have to heat it up to get the sugar to disappear!!! It's a grape buy! Get a bunch!!

Sutliff - Buttered Rum
No AA Required
Yep, you don't have to be an alchy to enjoy this particular blend. While it's a bit too pansy ass for my taste with it's really mellow flavors, I was f****** flabbergasted as to how easily it can ghost your pipe! Maybe because I don't drink it stands out a little more. Kind of like an Irishman that doesn't drink...All in all it's just too mellow.

Sutliff - Black Raspberry
I've tried this unadulterated (Not mixed w/any other Toby)about three times.(because that's the charm isn't it?)Whatever, I wasn't impressed. Mayhap(sic) it needs a dedicated user that just smokes of it's ilk forever like a f****** stalwart. Or perhaps someone with more pipes than I for that sort of s***. However, I've found it useful in other batches for background color.(flavor)

Lane Limited - Dark Red
Savory Cherry
This delicious blend has a nice heavy helping of benzaldehyde that makes this particular aromatic extra pleasing to most. Although most don't know what the f*** I'm talking about, those whom do will appreciate the information. This is why Dark Red can practically be mixed with anything that you want to make more hearty or rich tasting! The intensity of umame that Lane Limited uses is a perfect balance that pleases distinct flavor lovers such as myself as well as the more mellow flavor fans that don't like overloads of flavor. Another of the most pleasing aspects of this brand is it's aftertaste. Sticks with you well after your ready for the next puff. Also, a secret that I've found for any whom care to listen, is that Dark Red can be used to make the BEST F****** strawberry flavor I've tasted to date!! Mix a little bit of Georgian Cream with it and see for yourself!!! I said TRY IT F*****!!

Sutliff - Archduke Ferdinand 1.5oz
So Mellow
I think that I read somewhere that this particular blend isn't going to be around for very much longer. Or that it is no longer in production. Whether this means for the season or forever is beyond me although...This blend is very, VERY intricate. I prefer the more distinctly flavored blends personally, but good taste is in the tongue of the taster. If you like complex meditations in finding hidden flavors, this is your s*** right here! With this, it's almost feasible to have a different smoking experience every time depending on your stoking technique. If you've been at this awhile, you're probably picking up what I'm laying down. All in all, it's a very complex & mellow smoke with lots of nutty vanilla flavors waiting in it's background for the experienced stoker that knows how to find them. Four & a half stars if it's your bag I'm guessing, but only three & a half for me since I prefer the more distinct blends...

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