Andrew S.

Sutliff - A Taste of Summer 1.5oz
To me, tin note reminds me of crayons, also the taste!

Peterson - De Luxe Mixture 50g
I did not care for the taste,also a little tongue bite, the tin note was ok. Not for me.

McClelland - Club Blends: CPCC Caramel Rush 50g
I purchased this tin in Sept. the tin date was 1/2017. The tin note smelled like burnt bag of marshmallows, so I Jared it. This is know Dec. gave it another shot, definitely improved, smoother, jar note mellowed out and it smoked great. I guess the little time in the jar for me, made it more enjoyable.

Stands & Pouches - Tobacco Pouch Humidifier
little humidifier
These little guys do the job!

Sutliff - 1M
My top 10.
Very nice room note and very smooth . I really enjoy this blend. will definitely reorder.

Tampers & Tools - Tsuge Bamboo Tamper
Over 35 years
I bought this style in 1980, I lost the reamer when cutting grass, upset so I did not clean the deck, when I finally did there was my missing piece incased in packed grass, little bent up. HAPPY!

Cornell & Diehl - MMIV: Rise of the Mixture Monster 3oz
Trick or treat!
I purchased this a month ago, I have smoked it 3 times, what can I say I LIKE IT!

Lighters - Kiribi Kabuto Short Black Matte
Awsome small lighter
I really like this lighter, Not to expensive lights every time, and I like using flints instead of the quartz lighters.

Tampers & Tools - Czech Pipe Tool
Great little tool!
For 2 bucks can't be beat.

Lane Limited - TK-6
Cherry overload
Too much cherry for me. Its on the shelf.

Kramer's - Extra Smooth 50g
Dry when I opened the tin, tastes terrible, I like aromatics. Wanted to try something different. Another one bites the dust.

Erinmore - Erinmore Flake 50g
First time smoking flake, this has for me different aromas and tastes. Will be ordering again. Great tobacco.

Lane Limited - BCA
Black Cav.
I enjoy it straight, plus I mix it with some of my try it tobacco. It definitely improves them . Always keep little extra on hand.

Tampers & Tools - 8deco Legend Tamper Black with Smoke Swirl
8deco Legend Tamper Black
What can I say Beautiful! Luv the spoon end, makes cleaning out the bowl very easy.

Sutliff - Molto Dolce 1.5oz
Super Moist
I ordered MD a couple of months ago, tried it did not care for it, too moist. Went to try it last night still moist, let it sit on a in a folded paper towel and still too wet, so I rolled it between fresh paper towels and rolled the H out of it. Filled my Stanwell featherweight, just to give it a try, found it a very pleasing smoke. Will order it again.

Peterson - Sunset Breeze 50g
Re Review
First time I tried it I did not care for it. After a couple of months gave it another try. I enjoyed the tin note and the smoke was a lot better, Have to smoke this one slow.

Tobacco Jars - Extra Small CVault Humidified Tobacco Container
Great little tin, best part my tobacco does not get turned to dust.

Lane Limited - 1-Q
1Q My #1.
1Q is my fav. Nice aroma, no bite.

Lane Limited - LL-7
LL7 My #2 Fav.
I smoke mostly Lane Limited,LL7 . Very smooth, great aroma. No bite at all.

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