Captain Black - Original 1.5oz
Good ole Americana
I hate it when elitist say things like “only good for a beginner“. Look, hundreds of thousands of men around the world who were - are “real pipe smokers” have literally smoked nothing other than Captain black, Sir Walter Raleigh, Amphora or Borkum Riff their entire lives. This is a classic American Aromatic. Decent taste fantastic room note. Sure it’s not some crazy expensive fancy tobacco by Esoterica or GLP but it was never meant to be. It’s meant to be enjoyable and budget friendly, and that it is. Not, everybody likes Virginia/Perique, straight Burley or English blends. Harping on or belittling someone for smoking Captain Black saying that they are not a “real pipe smoker” is akin to saying about someone who only drinks Coors light that they are not a real beer drinker. At the end of the day whatever pipe tobacco you enjoy smoking the most out of whichever pipe you enjoy smoking it is the best tobacco in the world. Don’t let the elitist and naysayers tell you otherwise. If you like this stuff smoke it and don’t listen to anybody else. After all they are not gonna smoke it for you. Full disclosure it’s not my favorite by any means but I also wouldn’t be upset if it was all I had on hand. Sidenote, if you see a really really low review on any tobacco, click on that person’s profile and read all their reviews. All to many of the reviews on here are coming from people who just absolutely hate aromatic tobacco‘s, which makes me wonder why they were reviewing it in the first place. if you don’t like seafood, why would you review seafood restaurants?

McConnell - Oriental 50g
One of my favorite blends, absolutely in love with this stuff. If you’d like Orientals it is a must try. Whenever it’s available whatever you do, don’t buy it. Mostly so I can buy more of it. But seriously it’s absolutely fantastic.

G. L. Pease - Westminster 2oz
Not a huge fan of Latakia. I prefer little to none of it and this is about as much as I want in an English blend. (possibly too much). That being said, the stuff is a really good all day smoke. If it was the only tobacco available for the rest of my life I wouldn’t be too disappointed. It would be perfect if they got rid of the Latakia and just replaced it with more oriental. That’s a personal preference though. If you want an all day English that is fairly mild this is what you should go for.

Cornell & Diehl - Sunday Picnic 8oz
Wish it had slightly more Orientals and was a little bit more floral but this stuff is really really good if you like Virginia/Oriental blends go ahead and get it. One of my top favorite blends. Sidenote, buyer beware this is not a flake as advertised. It is broken flake.

Cult - Blood Red Moon 50g
Most definitely one of the better cherry blends. I could smoke this stuff all day and I’m not typically an aromatic smoker. But if you want some thing that’s cherry, maybe slightly reminds you of Midleton’s. You really can’t go wrong with Blood Red Moon. Just wish it was ever so slightly more cherry tasting. The tin and room note is perfect.

Cornell & Diehl - From Beyond 2oz
Great but…
So I absolutely love Oriental forward blends. I prefer them with no or very little Latakia. Westminster (which I like) is about as much Latakia as I want in a blend however, I think Sunday picnic is a much superior blend albeit in a different family all together. Sunday picnic being a Virginia/oriental and this being an English but they have the Orientals in common and that’s where I’m making the comparison. I really wish C&D would make a Virginia or Burley blend with multiple oriental tobacco’s in it that actually has floral notes rather than only being able to get it in this limited run. This pretty much meets the bill of an oriental forward Balkan. That being said, I really like it but it’s just slightly too spicy. I suppose it could be the Perique. I guess I wish it was just a little bit more floral. But that’s a personal preference. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. It’s well worth a try. If I could only pick this or Westminster for the rest of my life I would pick this.

Cornell & Diehl - Cross-Eyed Cricket 8oz
Hidden gem
Full disclosure I haven’t tried every C&D blend, but I have a tried a very large amount of them. For me this is one of the hidden gems of the lineup. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not my favorite one but it’s buttery smooth has a great room note and great taste. I will say this I wouldn’t in anyway shape or form describe it as an English or even an English Aromatic. However, if you’re just looking for a nice, smooth, tasty aromatic, you absolutely can’t go wrong with this stuff. I’ll also say if you have a friend that wants to try pipe tobacco, don’t give them Captain Black give them this. I guess that’s how I would describe it, a very high class high-quality Captain Black. It can get a bit bitter if smoked too fast cause of the perique though. If I had one criticism, it would be that I wish it had less Black cavendish, and more of the Orientals Perique and Latakia so the English flavor could come through more.

Hearth & Home - Black House 1.75oz
This is a very solid tobacco. As are all the tobaccos in the marquee series. The Latakia in this series to me is very unique and this is no exception. Not my favorite tobacco ever but it’s a definite solid 7 out of 10. If I didn’t have any tobacco on me and this is what you handed me, I would be very pleased. Give it a try.

Hearth & Home - El Niño 1.75oz
A lot has been said by many people about Black House, Fusiliers Ration and White Knight and it is true that they are all good. However for myself El Niño is something special. Very smooth and Rich love the dark Fred Kentucky and just a hint of latakia brings it all together. If you have tried the other three take it from someone who almost exclusively smokes English blends this is very different but very very good.

G. L. Pease - Caravan 8oz
Good and bad
I’m really torn on this stuff. I got an 8 ounce tin. The first half was incredible. One of my favorite tacos ever. However, the second half was terrible. So terrible that it has been about a year and a half maybe two years and I still haven’t finished it or honestly even tried to. But the variance in taste was within a week. Tried switching pipes at no avail. I don’t know take that for what you will just hope you get the good half.

G. L. Pease - Quiet Nights 8oz
This is a really high quality tobacco, nice and creamy, mildly oriental forward and very light on Latakia. However personally I’m not the biggest fan of perique. In addition unlike a lot of people I also prefer ribbon cut to flake cake or plug, I think it’s more convenient and gives a much more consistent flavor not only in a singular tin but from tin to tin. I only bring this up because at certain parts in the bowl the sourness of the perique is really heavy and at certain parts of the bowl it is the oriental forward type of blend I love. If you like Perique this is probably one of the best English blends you can find. If I could only smoke one blend for the rest of my life I would pick this over 99% of blends that I’ve tried. Sidenote, buyer beware this is not a flake as advertised. It is a broken flake.

Cornell & Diehl - Black Duck 2oz
I really really like the Burley rather than Virginia. If you like English blends please do yourself a favor and give this a try.

Peterson - My Mixture 965 50g
I tried 965 somewhere in the mid to late 90s when I started smoking pipes. I remember as a beginner pipe smoker not being overly fond of it, well let’s be honest I didn’t like it at all. A couple months ago I decided to revisit it and I got to tell you I really really like it now. It’s quickly becoming my favorite all day blend. It’s not a lat bomb like a lot of other blends on the market. Nice smooth creamy just great all around. I wish it had a tad more oriental in it but I’m a fan of Orientals when done right. So take that for what you will. At the current price point I think it’s well worth anybody trying. Worse comes to worse if you don’t like it you can just mail it to me. lol

Drucquer & Sons - Loch Ness 100g
This is a mild but unique English. It’s quickly becoming one of my favorite blends. I really hope they start selling in the 8 or 16 ounce varieties soon. I guess since it’s D&S I should say the 700g variety. No matter what kind of tobacco you like do yourself a favor and give this a try.

Dan Tobacco - Da Vinci 500g
This is extremely high quality tobacco. The tin note definitely smells a little bit of wine. The room note is fantastic. As for taste I get a very light, how would I explain it, you know how wine kind of has a tang to it I very slightly get that tang from the tobacco. This however isn’t a bad thing at all. I very very much enjoy this tobacco and it’s a high-quality aromatic. If I had one very slight complaint about it it would be that some aromatics almost have a wax feel or taste in your mouth, very very very very slightly but I do get that from this tobacco. That being said I still think I like this stuff slightly more than devils holiday but they taste extremely different so that’s not really fair comparison kind of like Miller versus Budweiser one is a Pilsner and one’s a Lager doesn’t make sense to draw any comparisons of the two.

Dan Tobacco - Devil's Holiday 500g
All right so follow me on this. This is very high-quality tobacco burns to ash all the way to the bottom never gets too hot not goopy at all. But also by no means dry. So I’ve had a different experience with this than most people but that’s not a bad thing. The tin note is definitely berries and a natural berry smell not artificial. The room note ever so slightly smells like berries. But for myself smoking it I get absolutely zero taste of berries. That being said it’s not a bad thing. It’s still an extraordinarily smooth and pleasant aromatic tobacco. For me maybe only one in every 50 drags do I get anything even mildly resembling berries. But like I said regardless the stuff is extremely high-quality and great. Strongly recommended. I will say I’ve never had anything too spicy in my life and I tend to like really hearty earthy foods rather than fruits so maybe I just have trouble tasting the berry flavor. Anyhow I’m rambling. Whether you’re going for berry flavored or just an extremely high quality aromatic I would give this stuff a try. Just on a sidenote I smoked Middleton‘s cherry for years and I absolutely could taste the cherry in that I hoard Ratrays exotic orange every time it’s on sale and I can taste the orange in that I can definitely taste the cherry in blood red moon. But I will also say I had COA cherry bomb and I didn’t find it overbearing or offensive like lots of people say I just found it to taste like chemicals. Take that for what you will.

Sir Walter Raleigh - Regular 1.5oz
OK before all you elitist lose your damn minds hear me out. I’m not giving this 4 stars because it’s the most high-quality tobacco out there or because it’s room note is the best or because its taste is the best. I am giving it five stars because I like it, it is affordable it is high-quality and I’ve never had another tobacco that taste even close to it. It has a very unique flavor. I don’t know how I would explain it acorns, coco and black currant maybe? Back to the point though the reason why I’m giving this 4 stars is because it was my daily smoke for years I probably smoked 5-10 bowls a day seven days a week and 3/4 or so of them were Sir Walter Raleigh for years. I will add, full disclosure like I said it’s a very unique tasting tobacco if you’ve never had it even if you like straight burley non-aromatics buy a pouch before you buy a tin. It’s definitely not for everyone.

Sutliff - Creme Brulee
This is definitely pleasant and kind of tasty. Weird thing is this is by far and away the goopiest tobacco I have ever seen. It’s almost wet after I packed a bowl I had to wash my hands and even after that for like an hour or two my hands still smelt like it. Not my hands my fingers but you know what I’m saying. Despite that it packed fine and lit absolutely fine. If you’re a big fan of aromatics give it a try.

Carter Hall - Carter Hall 14oz
Worth the money
Plain and simple don’t listen all the haters if you want an extremely mellow Burley that’s ever so slightly aromatic there’s absolutely nothing wrong with Carter Hall it taste great you could puff away to your hearts content without getting any tongue bite it’s cheap it’s most definitely one of the better of the OTC. Just because some thing is seven dollars an ounce doesn’t mean it’s better.

Half and Half - Half and Half 7oz
Not for me
Full disclosure I haven’t tried half-and-half for probably 10 years but the one and only time I ever bought half-and-half it was absolutely terrible. It wasn’t a weird industrial taste or anything like some people say it was super super sour. Imagine the sourness of a lemon or a lime without the flavor. Since that is the one and only time I’ve ever tried half-and-half I suppose I could’ve just gotten a bad pouch or something so take my review with a grain of salt. But all the OTC Burleys I’m completely fine with I find them all enjoyable I’m not a huge fan of things like Captain black or Borkum riff but they’re fine too. This is literally the only OTC that I had an absolutely terrible experience with. Maybe if I ever get brave I’ll try it again in the future.

Kramer's - Blend for Cary Grant 50g
I’ve never had a blend that I disliked from Kramers and this is no different. It’s a very smooth and subtle aromatic with a hint of latakia in the background. Also the bulk is just as good as the tin. As far as I can tell they are identical in every way. If you want an English aromatic this is the way to go. Unless you want it to be more English than aromatic in which case get Blend for Danny Kay. You can’t go wrong with either.

Kramer's - Blend for Danny Kaye 50g
Worth a try
I’ve never had anything from Kramers that I dislike and this is no exception. This and blend for Cary Grant are both English aromatic‘s. I would describe this as definitely an English aromatic but tasting much more like English whereas I would describe Cary Grant tasting much more like a aromatic with a hint of English in the background. Both are decent and worth a try. Just depends on personal preference.

Cornell & Diehl - Billy Budd 2oz
Full disclosure, I absolutely hate cigars, smoking them makes me feel sick to my stomach I don’t like being around people smoking them I don’t particularly like the smell of them when they are lit. I do however very much like the smell of cigars and appreciate the quality of tobacco when they are not lit. However tobacco with cigar leaf has always intrigued me so I decided to finally give this a try and got 1 ounce. I smoked all of it in a day. It’s excellent it really is very surprised it just adds a nuance that I can’t really explain to the tobacco. Even if you don’t like cigars buy an ounce and give it a try. I’m not sure I’d buy an 8 ounce tin of it or anything but I’m definitely going to buy a 2 ounce tin or two and keep it around for when I’m in the mood.

Five Brothers - Five Brothers 1.25oz
I absolutely love this stuff! The price is right the taste is right the cut is right everything about it is right. Not a negative but just buyer beware good Lord does it pack a lot of nicotine. I’ve been smoking a pipe daily for about 25 years and I’ve never had another tobacco with the same amount of nicotine, not even close. Full disclosure this is not my daily smoke because it is very bold like I said. But maybe one day out of the week once every two weeks three days out of the week it all depends what mood I’m in.

Cornell & Diehl - Old Joe Krantz Blue Label
I kind of feel bad about writing this review but I just don’t get what people like so much about this stuff. I don’t know if I got a bad batch or some thing but everything aside of a slightly less than cigarette room note comes across as cigarettes to me. In the bag it smells like cigarettes it’s extremely harsh has lots of tongue bite taste like cigarettes. To all the people who love the stuff more power to you. A well known straight Burley is one of my top three blends but this stuff is just terrible to me.

Cornell & Diehl - Bayou Morning Flake 8oz
Buy it!
I’ll keep it simple this stuff is high quality and perfectly blended. Im not really a fan of Perique but this is by far and away my favorite Virginia Perique blend. If I had one complaint it’s not completely consistent with every couple bowls tasting different. Meaning 4 bowls will taste exactly the same and then the next one will taste different like it’s a different blend, not bad, but different. And unlike a lot of people I prefer the ribbon cut to the flake. My experience with it is it is much more consistent flavor wise.

Cornell & Diehl - Pirate Kake 8oz
I like this stuff, it’s pleasant. It really is. I was a little worried that the 75% latakia was a bit of a gimmick but it’s nice. That being said for me even staying within the same company I think you get much more nuance and flavor while remaining a great smoke from Stimulus Package or Da Vinci maybe even Mississippi Mud if you’d like black Cavendish. Again absolutely nothing wrong with this stuff I just think there are much better options especially within the same company for Latakia heavy blends. If this were a restaurant it would be Outback Steakhouse, very tasty and better than almost all the other chain restaurants for sure but It’s no Morton’s Steakhouse or Texas de Brazil.

G. L. Pease - The Virginia Cream 8oz
I don’t typically smoke aromatics, by that I mean almost never but this stuff is really good. Very subtle Vanilla flavor. I personally don’t taste any rum whatsoever but yeah it’s really good.

Cornell & Diehl - Night Train 8oz
On the recommendations of a couple friends I tried this. Really WOW! High quality tobacco. Super nutty, the black Cavendish adds really a nice smoothness. I’m not really a fan of Perique but the Perique adds just the right amount of spice. Really no matter what you like I would give this tobacco a try. One word of warning unlike a lot of burleys this must must be sipped otherwise you will get tongue bite. I hated the first bowl I ever smoked because I smoke pretty vigorously but when I slowed it down it all came together.

Cornell & Diehl - Mississippi Mud 8oz
Pretty good
This stuff is pretty smooth and well blended. Nothing offensive about it and I can definitely understand how people who like black cavendish and Latakia would find this very enjoyable. So I pull the stuff down occasionally. Give it a try.

Cornell & Diehl - Da Vinci 8oz
Burley or latakia? This is the best of both worlds. The flavors merge really nicely and it is nice and smooth. If I had one minor complaint it would be that I have a much harder time keeping this tobacco lit than most others. I tried it right after opening the tin, I’ve tried drying it out, tried packing it loose I tried packing it tighter, still have a hard time keeping it lit. I don’t know why that is but it is what it is. Just for reference 99% of tobacco I smoke I can smoke the whole bowl with two maybe three lights one being the charring light. But this stuff takes me 5,6,7 lights sometimes.

Seattle Pipe Club - Plum Pudding 2oz
Customer service
Full disclosure I’ve had plum pudding and it’s a very decent tobacco. I would probably give it 3.5 stars. That being said I called to get some information on the club and ask which blend they offer is heaviest on latakia and Matt Guss was a giant jerk. He is an extremely abrasive weiseacer. Most people in the Pipe community are just about the nicest people you’ll ever meet. Not this guy, he is that kind of guy that you hope never moves in next-door to you or you never have to work with. That being said I know he has nothing to do with the production or manufacturing he’s just one of the head guys at the club and this should not be any reflection on Sutliff. But because of my experience with him I will never Buy another Seattle pipe club product. He’s a representative of the company and he represents them very poorly. On a sidenote I don’t care how good it is, $51 for 8 ounces of a Sutliff blend seems pretty steep.

Rattray's - Macbeth 100g
This is a great VA Burley make no mistake about it well worth a try.

Cornell & Diehl - Redburn 2oz
Worth a try. This is a pleasant smoke. Nothing too fascinating but nothing offensive. Would be a good all day smoke if you wanted to make it such.

Kramer's - Father Dempsey 50g
Meh *Updated
I can definitely see why some people like it but it’s completely average and mediocre to me. To each their own though. It’s not the best but not by any means is it bad. *I didnt give this a fair shake. It just was not what I usually smoke... I decided to smoke nothing but this for a day or two to see what I could pull out of it and it is in fact quite nice.

Cornell & Diehl - Blockade Runner 2oz
The stuff is pretty good, not much else to say about it. If you like VA’s and rum give it a try.

Captain Earle's - Stimulus Package 8oz
If you like a full English in my opinion this is by far and away one of the best tobacco on the market. Plain and simple. I’m not a huge fan of latakia bombs I don’t mind them I just don’t want to smoke them more than once or twice a month and only at night. If you’re the kind of person who likes those weird uppity comparison reviews, standing on your porch in mid November all the leaves have fallen and it’s about 50° outside it’s raining and your neighbor has a fire going in their fireplace. Yeah, I guess that’s how I would explain it LOL. To clarify I know that probably doesn’t sound appealing to a some but I really like it.

Captain Black - Royal 1.5oz
American as American gets
If you don’t like aromatics you’re gonna hate this stuff but if you like aromatics it a nice smooth easy lighting easy smoking no bite aromatic. It has a amaretto flavor just like the original. If you’ve had captain black original just imagine that taste with 20% of the Amaretto flavor replaced with a very very light VA taste.

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Cornell & Diehl
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