Bengal Slices - Bengal Slices 1.75oz
I couldn't get past it!
I'm not a black licorice fan. I could never get past that flavor which hits you so strong out the gate. It's probably a pipe smokers dream if you like black licorice. Its just not me!

Cornell & Diehl - Black Frigate 2oz
I gave it some time!
When I first started smoking this blend, it was unique with many interesting characteristics that were difficult to tease out. I let it dry some and have now revisited. I added some 10 year Laphroaig with it to sip. Freakin Perfect. Its just a great balance with the spicy orientals, and smokey latakia, and soft sweet virgina mixing seamlessly with the smokey peat boldness of laphroaig!

Cornell & Diehl - Mountain Camp 2oz
smokey campfire in your pipe!
role call/ Latakia....HERE! Virginia.....,Virginia?..... Orientals....., Orientals....? Perique...HERE! Burley...., Burley......oh yeah HERE!

Cornell & Diehl - Bow-Legged Bear 2oz
At first this blend hits on some high notes of sweet, rich, smokey goodness! but as the bowl settles the blends purpose seems muttled and confused. its an intriguing blend with a heavy Nic hit. but seems to fall short of 4 or 5 star rating!

Dan Tobacco - Old Ironsides 50g
Cool as the other side of the pillow!
I'm on my 3rd Tin and this tobacco always brings a high level of consistency. Each initial light I'm transported to a campfire in a foreign land. Smokey wood smells that I'm not accustomed to. With orientals leaving a tingle in my nose, and the suttle hidden burley nutty fig taste, I'm always captive to this orchestra of notes!

Seattle Pipe Club - Potlatch 2oz
An Oatmeal of Tobacco
Very unique flavor once these tobaccos marry in the bowl. Enjoyable complexity from top to bottom, very enjoyable smoke!

Dunhill - Nightcap 50g
ground breaking
This is the tobacco that made me realize pipe tobacco can be more. you can expect more and get more! NC has been sleep medicine for me, it has been great reflective medicine, and as of recent great campfire medicine while out camping! Please Dunhill, do stop making this tobacco!

Dan Tobacco - Old Ironsides 50g
Latakia heaven
This is the blend that made me realize coffee and pipe tobacco have a place together!

Five Brothers - Five Brothers 1.25oz
I read the reviews, so when I received my order of 5 brothers i rehydrated it using a wet paper towel and clear wrap over it. 3 hours later, moist. Smoked it in my new Little Devil Acorn Cobb. Tiny bite yes, actually enjoyable first light taste. the nutty burley comes thru. 2/3s in Boom! Vitamin N! That's just what it is, no more, no less!

Mac Baren
HH Vintage Syrian 1.75oz

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Dan Tobacco
Old Ironsides 50g

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