Paul K.

Sutliff - Creme Brulee
I just tried my first bowl of what has become, already, one of my favorites. I had my eye on this blend for some time now, and I have been following all of the reviews on line. I smoked this in a MM CC bent Twain earlier this morning on my way to a lacrosse game. This blend is a solid 5 star deal. The tobacco aroma is just outstanding (or should I say. the casing and topping). It literally smells like you should eat it. I actually filled my pipe last night so it had a small amount of drying "in situ". When I fired it up, the "pick up truck" note was great. The tobacco had little to no bite to it, and the flavor profile although mostly consistent did change slightly several times. The smoke out put was heavy, and the after taste was very pleasant. This bowl survived one light (no char as I was driving) and never gave up. When done, there was a tiny bit of wet scraps at the bottom that were quickly dispatched by tapping the pipe in my palm. I have NO complaints on this product at all. I am going to order another pound as I know this will become another favorite in my rotation. I actually hit the 5 star rating but it only registered as a 4 1/2 for some reason.

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