Chris S.

Newminster - No.400 Superior Navy Flake
My favorite Virginia thus far
Guys and gals this is a real bargain. I love it fresh or aged a bit. This is a Virginia that from first light to the last puff is creamy and in the pastry realm. It smells like a bowl of Golden Grahams cereal. I like to fold and stuff for best results but rubbing out is sublime too. It does have a slight earthy quality but on the sweet side. Sometimes I get a touch of cinnamon, but overall is toasty and bready and doughy. Burns super easy. I love it!

Cornell & Diehl - Big 'n' Burley 2oz
Wow, this blend does have an intriguing complexity as somebody below has stated. This blend feels like a fine wine, with many layers coming through at different puffs. It is medium in body and the Latakia is just an aid to make the blend unique and give the Burley something to play with. I get cigar notes at times and the orientals pop here and there making this blend feel oh so classy. I love the room note as I get a rich deep cocoa and dirt. It packs and burns easy, I bought a bunch and sat on it for 7 months and it was better as time went on. The perique is there but in the background. Such a smooth cool smoke. Be careful because the nicotine can sneak up on you like it did for me one morning on an empty stomach whilst drinking my black coffee. Great for an after dinner or late night bowl.

Cornell & Diehl - Bayou Morning 2oz
Good stuff
Great blend! It is sweet and fruity, has a zesty quality. Some citrus and peppery notes. Packs and burns super easy with almost zero relight. A nice driving blend!

Daughters & Ryan - Two Timer 40g
Great Value!
When I opened this tin of burley it was PACKED to the brim! They really can cram a lot more tobacco in when it's not drenched with a bunch of additives blenders commonly use. The tobacco itself is really nice in appearance, a quality leaf. The smell is both sweet and nutty like the description clams. The only problem I had with this blend was that is was dry to the BONE! No big deal as a quick rehyrdation fixed this. I smoked this blend out of all kinds of pipes and enjoyed the tin very much. One reviewer says that it is an honest tobacco, which I agree completely. It's very straight forward, clean, and very smooth. It lacks in complexity but to me, that's what this blend should be. It smoked the same down the entire bowl. It is earthy, has amazing notes of toasted nuts. I got a great natural honey sweetness from it at times. Every bowl burned easily with no relights required. Fun to smoke while walking the dog or driving to work. I also smoked this in a bunch of pipes to help with cake building and it did a super job. So, for the price this is a solid blend. I love burley and would buy this again!

McClelland - Matured Virginia: No. 27 50g
Next Level Tobacco
I had a tin of this in my cabinet from 2006 and decided to crack it open to celebrate the birth of my first child, a BEAUTIFUL baby boy! Wow this is really AMAZING stuff. The first part of the bowl was bright, sweet and fruity, with hints of citrus, apricots, pine, and high end tanginess. As I smoke down the bowl the blend opens up with medium notes of stoved fruits, cinnamon, a touch of clove, sweet spice, and even elements of honey rolls. Near the end of the bowl I get a dark toast flavor. The entire smoke remains medium-full in body and is silky smooth no matter how hot and fast I smoke. Let me just say that this virginia blend is a real treat. It is playful and fun to smoke, with the room note being soft and elegant, with hints of peanut butter nut bread- oh so very warm and calm. Not offensive at all. A very mild blend and all day smoker! Highly recommended!

Cornell & Diehl - MMIV: Rise of the Mixture Monster 3oz
Burns Decently (Update)
I reviewed this blend a few weeks back and do not believe I gave it enough credit. It's pretty good stuff. Burns down like a champ. Stays lit easily and was perfect right out of the tin. I smell a ton of Bailey's, chocolate, and hint of licorice. I would smoke this again for sure, as I have pretty much finished the tin.

Cornell & Diehl - MMIII: The Curse of Mixture Monster (The Devil Doll) 3oz
Burns Decently
This like most C&D blends I have tried so far (including many aromatics) burns easily with few relights and down to a fine white ash. However, I must say the tin note smells of Bailey's. The flavor does last throughout the bowl, but I find it too sharp and overbearing. It's almost perfume-ish.