Robin C.

Prince Albert - Prince Albert 1.5oz
One of life's simple pleasures
As a fussy old guy who is very particular about plenty of things, this blend is a pleasure to smoke. Unpretentious, pleasant taste, no tongue bite, burns well. The only problem is SPs refuse to post to Australia any more. And we are paying $90AUD for two ounces/50 grams of leaf here! So fellas enjoy a good leaf blend. Be grateful!

Cornell & Diehl - Red Virginia Ribbon
Poor blend
After mulling on some of the reviews around the traps, I bought some of this. The first bowl was fairly good. Everything after it was terrible. One of the worst tasting blends I've ever had. So I bought some Sutliff 515 RC-1 and did a half and half blend, and that sort of made it OK. Never again!

Cornell & Diehl - Red Virginia Ribbon
Poor blend
When I first smoked this I thought it was good. On the second bowl, I thought it was crapola. So I got some Sutliff 515 RC-1 and mixed it half and half. And now I've smoked that, it could use a bit more 515. However, there are way, way better reds available than this regrettable stuff. Burns too fast & too hot. And the taste is not so good either.

Sutliff - 515 RC-1
Great leaf
An acquaintance gave me four ounces of this as a favour I did for him. Well, what a great pipe it makes for me. Smooth, enjoyable taste and has a fair depth also. A good all day smoke. Highly recommended.

Carter Hall - Carter Hall 1.5oz Pouch
Damn straight!
I read a few reviews of this leaf and had to add my two cents worth. In my opinion it is a fully excellent, and non pretentious leaf. Smokes cool, clean and easy. And to my surprise it has a fair amount of body also. You can't ask for much more, as to quality when it is such a dirt cheap price. And yes, I know, I know, there are a lot who sneer at this "hill-billy" tobacco, but even though in some ways I'm a bit of a snob, this tobacco is a great all day smoke, no bite at all. Highly recommended.

Capstan - Flake Yellow 1.75oz
Excellent flake
Without any doubt this is one of the best flakes on the market. Won't bite and a lovely leaf first thing in the morning. At least that's been my experience. I'm one of the classic grumpy old buggers and can tell you this is to be highly recommended as excellent pipe tobacco. And for all the snowflakes who think this is expensive, in Australia, we are paying over $AUS70 for the same thing. That's $US54. Stop squealing and be grateful!!!

University Flake 50g

$18.59 $12.36

Danish Mixture 50g

$17.70 $13.20

Flake Medallions 50g

$20.20 $14.99

Exotic Passion 100g

$26.50 $18.75

805 - Carolina Deluxe

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2015 Virginia-Perique Flake

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    How To Rotate Your Pipes In 8 Easy Steps
  • ► I'm a bit of a backwoods boy when it comes to pipes. I've five cobs at the moment and just charge them all in the morning and smoke 'em through the day. That's my rotation.Mind you, I'd like to have a few more, as it was said, to give them a bit of a rest.